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Question concerning db sensitivity
sensitivity has nothing to do with quality. most loudspeakers are a collection of parts drivers, box,and crossovers. A bigger box usually better low freq extension; ported around 3 dbs more efficient so on and so on BUT sensitivity definatly has n... 
lucinda williams live
I went to see Lyle Lovette at the university of buffalo center for the arts last year both he and the sound of the room were fantastic. 
McIntosh Amps power meters?
the mcintosh meters indicate (dynamically) actual wattage reaching the loud speaker by responding toto the combination of current and voltage output. ( as per the owners manual) 
speakers efficiency
Well I just wanted to point out that to have good dynamic range is essential to a good system. while you may only listen at an average 92 dbs but peaks could be much higher than this (especially on a well built system) this is the area where your ... 
Phase Inversion in Preamplifer?
Clio09, I just wanted to be sure that when you made the statement " voice phase tests swapping the speaker leads made no difference to my ears. However, swapping IC leads did" That you understand that swaping speaker cables chage polarity in ea... 
DAC to Amps bypassing preamp: Opinions please
I think that mcintosh's best dac does this (provide just a bit higher level of amplification with a volume control that is meant to drive amps directly)and I think there new single disc cd player does this also. 
Ebay fraud alert
That story reminded me of this scam baiter site if you skim that story and find it amusing click around a little, you almost feel sorry for those nigerians (not) 
McIntosh MCD 201/ spec info
I dont know the specs but would like to know ! Please update this thread with whatever you find.thanks 
New Sony Bravia LCD ?
I think the difference is the bravia is a lcd panel like a plasma-a really thin big lcd viewed directly. Whereas the sxrd is a rear projection television that still uses lcd panels but small ones that are used in a projector to project onto a scre... 
Bonnie Raitt and Lyle Lovett
I havent watched it yet (I tivo,d it). But I did see him 2 weeks ago in concert. It was in a university arts center and he was a incedible entertainer. My wife who normally goes along for the night but doesnt usually get too caught up in the emoti... 
Who was Peg?
I dont know but I know who Rikki is 
Noticed the Patriot Act's effects on PayPal?
Really scary so many people are willing to give up their civil liberties in the name of a "safer world for all". I hear that ridiculous convoluted argument all the time trying to justify laws like the seatbelt ones, by associating them with cost s... 
About Lugnut -- Patrick Malone
Dear Barb, I am so sorry about your loss. I have not been a regular poster to this thread and even now have a difficult time posting here, but I had some email exchanges with Pat over the last year. I respected Pat as a person and as a man. He see... 
New Van Morrison disc
I bought the cd thought it was great but still My favorite Van Morrison is The Healing Game Cd!!! 
Yeah baby....I found a mate
I have the 15 dmt II 's slow is not a word that would describe the bass. Far from it and from the sound of it your Tannoy dealer is full of it or has never heard them.