Audioengine 2's vs. Bose Dock for cube farm audio

I work in a cube farm and currently am enjoying my Bose Dock and iPod with Apple Lossless files. All of my listening is done a very low volumes as I am almost never in the office alone. I purchased the Bose dock several years ago for my wife to use at work, but she's not able to have it at work currently. We're looking at upgrading the junk CD player/Clock in our baby's room and everything that we're looking at is around $100. It made me wonder if I should just pass the Bose dock along and upgrade to the Audioengine 2's. The question being, how much of an improvement will I really hear at low listening volumes?

What your experiences and has anyone ever heard the two side by side?
No, I have not compared the two. I have the audioengine 2 at work, and even at low volume in nearfield listening, it continues to amaze me, particularly bass at low volume...
I have compared the audioengine 2 and 5, and much prefer the 2 at lower volume....
I use the AE2 as TV speakers in my mid-size living room. They are a wonder, especially at low volumes. My son thought I was using my Von Schweikert VR5 HSE's when the TV was on!

Thanks for the input.

Anyone else willing to comment if we leave the Bose dock out of the equation? How do the AE2 speakers sound?
I think the Audioengine 2 is a nice little (really little) speaker. I had used them with my iPod and TV and it sounded pretty good. I will say that placement is critical. I would say to get the best soundstaging make sure they're as far apart as possible in the space you have. You may have to toe them in to get the best effect. I also felt that finding the right distance was important. I know in a cubicle it's not easy.

If you know there's no bass below 50hz and it's a bit rolled off at the top you can work within it. What is there is well detailed and controlled for it's sized. Mids are nice with a touch of warmth. Which is probably not a bad thing in an office environment. My brother has a computer Bose system and the Audioengine is an improvement.

One last thing. As I said before they're quite small. This is nice for a cubicle. They feel heavy for the size. Add the fact that typical street prices are good, it's a pretty good deal.
Jump on both.