Audio Tekne

Recently aquired 2 brand new pairs of Audio Tekne rca interconnects. I am letting them burn in on a secondary system until they are good and cooked, then I will put them on my primary system and listen. Does anyone have any listening experience with these? I could not find any references to them here on the Cable threads.
No, but eager to hear what you think. They're very cool looking, aren't they?
Well, I guess I will be the first to try them when I hook them up later today. I will let you know.
Drubin: My first listening showed them to be quite nice. I don't have a good base line to report from though, because they replaced some Homegrown Silver balanced between a Meridian 508-24 CD and a Levinson 380S preamp, and a pair of Monster balanced from the Lev. to a Classe 401 amp. The Audio Tekne are single ended design. Although this means I can A/B them with only a 10 second amp shutdown to throw the bal/unbal switch on the amp, there is a definite volume increase in bal. mode. So my comparison is not very scientific. I pulled in a rookie listener to help and she liked the Audio Tekne better but did not know why. I liked them better because at higher volume they made the highs sound less strained and less brassy. B&Wn 802 tweeters can be a little too much with the wrong combo.
Now I figure I need a week to really know more. Happy so far!
I have one system with complete Audio Tekne cabling. I like them alot but have never compared them to anything else. I hope some other people comment on these.Snooker let us know what you think as you continue to listen.
They are the best cables I have used to date. They replaced or bettered Nordost,siltech,JPS, and synergistic cables. They seemed to make the sound crystal clear. A great attribute is there size and pliability compared to the other cumbersome cables.
I've had the Audio Tekne through out my system for the past year and a half. I will be doing an extensive comparison with 6-10 different brands at different price points. So far in my experience of maybe 5 interconnects they out preform all but one, and that was 9 times the cost. I can tell you I just replaced my speaker cables with NBS Statement cables, about 7 times the cost. The NBS is better, but the margin is small and the price difference is huge. I've said for the past year that Audio Tekne is the best cable value in our hobby, with-in a month I'll post my findings to see if that claim holds up.
I found the Audio Tekne speaker cables to be shockingly good, absolutely amazing. I have used HT, Analysis Plus, Cardas, etc. I hated to part with them (loaner) but since I trade gear often (hobby, fun) and don't think they have much of a resale market (yet), and the price was rather high (albeit a good value), I had to pass on them. Sonicly, they were superb.