Audio Research PH5 phono preamp?

Has anybody heard this preamp? I'm interested in it and would use it with a CJ Premier 14. AR claims it's an improvment on the PH3. I have a VPI JMW tonearm and a Clearaudio Aurum Beta cartridge (the latter to be replaced with something a little better when it wears out). Thanks!
checkout the current hifi+ and their is a review on it. The reviewer liked the Sutherland PHD better.
I think you are mistaken. I have that issue and there was no mention of an Audio Resarch phono preamp in that article.

I think you are mistaken. You are talking about issue 34 where 4 phono stages are compared and the PHD comes up trumps.
The PH5 is reviewed in issue 35 and as I said above Jimmy Hughes compares it to the PHD and likes the PHD better.

You are correct. I have issue 34, issue 35 is not available yet here. I have only had this one for about 2 weeks.