Audio Research CD3mkll Upgrade

Looking to upgrade from ARC CD3ll. Was interested in ARC CD5, but have not seen a single one on Audiogon. Looking for suggestions for an upgrade, and interested what other CD3ll owners have moved up to. Thanks.

I was also looking to upgrade to a CD5 but could not find a used one. I compared a dealer demo CD5 and a used Ref CD7. The Ref CD7 was more than a little bit better than the CD5. I don't think that I paid that much more for the Ref CD7 than I would have for a used CD5. Both are quite a bit better then the CD3 mk2.
Curious as to how not a single CD5 has appeared.
It is rather strange. I asked my dealer if he sold many CD5s and He said not really, the ref CD player is a far better seller. I have to say that when I first heard both the CD5 and CD7 I was not that impressed. But later when I heard the CD5 matched with an ARC amp and pre it really shined. So after that I wanted to hear the Ref CD7 in my system. I also own an LS25 mk2 and VT100 mk3. I liked the CD7 so much that I bought it. I think that both the CD5 and CD7 can be somewhat system dependent.