Audio Research AR 5600 MkII

Does anyone know anything at all about the Audio Research AR 5600 MkII Limited Edition receiver?

I have an opportunity to pick one up for next to nothing, in working condition (a little bit of cleaning required) and am wondering if anyone has experience with it.

I can't seem to find anything about it at all on the 'net.

Any information would be appreciated.(quality, reliability, sound, wpc etc)

thanks in advance
no-one at all?
Are you sure it's not Acoustic Research?
i'm positive.

It's an 'audio research ar5600 mkII limited edition receiver'
If next to nuthin why not just get it, I would.
ARC never made such a product. I suspect it was made on the far side of the Pacific rim but a company which somehow borrowed the AR name.
i'm going to have to take a closer look at it. It seemed to be fairly hefty and robust.

Rgurney.. are you certain they never did? Do you have a link to an archive perhaps?
for some reason, i also seem to recall seeing such a product when i was younger... It's all very vague, though...

wish i could find ANY information on it.

I guess i'm just going to have to try it out and see how it performs.
Loose - Check out - Audio Research database.
No such animal as an ARC receiver.
well, i went to have a closer look and although the inside was clean and it ran a set of cheap speakers that were lying around for a short while, it developed very bad distortion within a few minutes of playing.

...decided it wasn't worth any battle.