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New here, I live in Houston.  From what I have read in previous posts there are not many good options in Houston for audio repair.  I’m happy to ship if needed.  Primarily looking for repair restoration of 70’s receivers. 

I read that Albert Porter (member here) is in Dallas and may be able to help.  I don’t have Albert’s contact information or user name if anyone could help.  Perhaps he may also know of someone in Austin (a little closer) or even Houston.

There is Save On Sound 5003 Antoine in Houston # 713-957-9600. I have used him several times for issues with tube amps and real to real as they crop up, does good work and I would recommend, call first. There is also a guy in Austin, referred to me by another agoner that specializes in tube amps/guitar and vintage, although never used him, I did reach out and liked the conversation. Maybe someone will respond with his info. Enjoy the music
I'm in Austin and have had two nearby shops recommended for tube and/or vintage repair, one in Austin and one in Taylor, just north of Austin. Reclaimed Audio does the upgrade and repair work for Raven Audio, which is a good sign. Haven't used either yet but the recommendations come from trusted sources, including Dave Thomson at Raven Audio.

Austin Stereo Service

Reclaimed Audio

@tooblue - Thanks!  I read some not to positive reviews on the last audiogon post about Save on Sound.  I’m glad to hear you say that.  It would really help to have a local shop.  Looking back it was your post looking for a shop in Houston.  Looks like you weren’t impressed with Banmel and Save in Sound at first.
Sounds like your experience with Save on Sound has improved.  That’s good news.  Thanks for the help!!
OP, the negatives you are referring to about Save On Sound might have come from me, my first impression was not overly positive, based on store appearance and over all feel but I have to say that I have used him three times since and am much more comfortable in referring him. As a matter of fact when things calm down I will be dropping off to him a Jadis dac to convert to American voltage, so I will use this opportunity to wright a wrong. Enjoy the music
@tooblue - That’s great news!!  Makes me much more comfortable shopping for vintage gear if I someone local who can help me trouble shoot.  Many thanks!!
William Green the President of Circle Stereo Inc, the Stereo Equipment Service & Repair in 500 Springlake Dr, the Dripping Springs, the Texas 78620.