Audio Physic Avanti III work with a Pass X350.5?

It seems folks lean towards tubes on these speakers. A lean mid-bass is cited but as refined as the Pass is, I wonder if that could make a happy marriage with the AP III?

I have a Cary tube preamp which might allow some tunability as well as a JL Audio Fathom F113.
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I had great synergy between Pass Labs XA-160s (Class A, solid state) and Avanti IIIs. I used a pair of Rel Storm IIIs subs to support the very bottom. I did not like them with A/B amps, Pass X-350 or Parasound JC-1s. Class A S.S. is a can't miss with these speakers! I'm sure there are many great Tube matchups out there also.
Note: I never tried the with the X-350.5!