Audio Phiysics Tempo vs Coincident Parital Eclipse

Can anyone compare these 2 speakers. They are in Similar price ranges. Have heard each, but at different times. I would like a little closer A/B opinion.
Can't comment on the Audio Phiysics as I have not heard them but I own the Partial Eclipse now. I have found them to be great. They are very revealing but slightly laid back. Maybe not a romantic or rich sounding speaker so I prefer them with tube amplification. I am getting lots of inner detail with a slightly polite presentation. Let me know if you have any questions?
I had Tempo IIIi se and I remembered that the coincindents with gryphon callisto was better than my Tempo+Symphonic line rg10mkIII combo, in different room though.
Given the specs of the Physics (nominal impedance & sensitivity) I'd be leery about using them with lower powered tube amps (assuming this is what you'd be using). The Partials are hard to beat all things considered...mine are keepers.
i have owned both the tempo 3i's the the partial eclipse II - in fact, i am listening to the partial eclipses right now!

to me, this one is a slam dunk - the CST partial eclipses KILL the tempo 3i's in every way.

i used the tempo 3i's with a musical fidelity tri vista integrated amp. it sounded crummy, which is odd because i used the tri vista integrated with lots of different speakers and it always sounded great.

i am using the CST partial eclipses with cary gear, and i am absolutely in heaven.