Audio Note Kit Set Amplifiers

Has anyone built or heard one of the SET kit amps from AN?
How did you like it?
Over all Sound (characterize)?

Thanks Tom
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Thomas, I built and continue to enjoy a kit1 300b amp. Haven't compared it to too many other set amps, but I do also own an ASL Orchid that I use in another system. That's a 2a3 amp, but I can draw some direct comparisons.

Before I compare, let me say that building and then upgrading my kit1 has been a really great experience. The amp sounded wonderful to begin with, but I had to upgrade as I just couldn't leave well enough alone! Suffice to say, I'm happy with the amp. But you asked some specific questions, so here goes...

Strengths: texture, body, "middle and end of notes", density, tonal color. Ok, most of these are set strengths in general and maybe 300b set amps in particular, but the kit1 is really good at this stuff.

Weaknesses: really deep bass, leading edge of notes (this changed to a strength with Black Gate caps and silver wiring), midbass sock/slam.

Overall sound: in addition to above, I'd say that the tone is amazing. The way a note has heft and can vibrate through your body is really amazing. When you sit close to someone playing acoustic guitar you get a similar sensation. Usually on a stereo you just don't get that physicality. Anyway, other sonic attributes are more common like nice imaging and soundstaging. Come to think of it, these are really strengths too, but I've heard as good or better from other amps.

There's a recent, nice review on

If you're still considering building a kit1, please come to the audioasylum forum. Good group of people who want to help.