Audio Magic cables?

I searched and found no threads regarding Audio Magic cables... and was curious if anyone used them.

I recently upgraded from Linn Black interconnects to the Spellcaster 2's and I was floored by the improvement.

Just curious if I'm the only one using them. :)

Naah... You are not the only one.

I use Illusion speaker cables. They are thick, heavy and almost impossible to work with. The tails are stiff and a major pain to connect to the speaker. Waf is close to zero.

But they sound very good .....

My prior cables were Tara and I tried some others from CableCompany (I don't remember which ones - has been a while). I kept Illusion.

That said, I'm in the market again (no particular reason - just the usual upgrade bug). Now considering PAD Dominus.
I have used Audio Magic cables in my system for quite a while with terrific results. Their Trinium XL interconnect is a unique cable ( ribbon conductors with copper, silver, and gold), which I use as well as the Trinium power cord feeding my (excellent) Stealth Reference power conditioner. I can't say enough good things about the excellent products and service from Jerry@ Audio Magic.
I have used Audio Magic Cables in my system too approximately 8 years. These are I2S digital Mystic Reference and old model Vr-4SE speaker cables. More sounds, more air and space.
I use Illusion interconnects, and Excaliber interconnects including speaker cables. I have not found any other cables that I prefer above the Audio Magic. The only product I've tried that hasn't been a success are the speaker terminal jumpers.
I have been using only Audio Magic cables in my system for quite a while and sstill can't find any better cable. Some are better in different areas but nothing is more musical!

Xstream PC * 2
Excalibur II IC
Excalibur II SPK cable
Mini Digital
I used a pair of original AM Sorcerer speaker cables and I thought they were great. A very neutral cable. I have found the AM products to be really good and I'm happy (still using a couple Matrix power cords and a Matrix power conditioner). I think they are worth trying.
how does audio magic compare against virtual dynamics?
See my system...its simply magic!