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recently acquired a AH 2.1 preamp w/Siemens tubes. I find the preamp very analytic, precise & somewhat sterile. Not quite the front to rear as my Audible Illusions L-1 or as palpable. Anyone have this problem and did a change of tubes to 6922s or ? any info would help. Assoc equip, Exemplar 3910 and NuForce 8V2.
I auditioned the TP2.1, and found it to be similar to what you describe.

I have owned an Exemplar 2900 and I have auditioned the NuForce 8V2.

IMO, the Exemplar 3910 and NuForce 8V2 are more analytical than romantic, so the sound you describe in combination with the TP2.1 makes perfect sense.
Did you do some discussion board and review reading before getting it? I was looking at the AH gear too and after about 10 mins of googling/searching I struck it off the list because of the word "analytical" showing up way too much.
I was/am a participant on the long-running AH thread and I don't recall too many owners saying that the AH preamp was too "analytical". I have the original TP 2.0N version with upgraded Siemens Cca and output caps. With my VAC monoblocks driving reference 3a speakers, the sound is immensely musical. No sign of anything sounding overly analytical. Of course, the preamp is very sensitive to interconnects and power cords, meaning the sound will change dramatically with different cabling, so experimentation is vital to obtaining your ideal sound.
The AH (Tp 2.0) sound was never analytical in my set up. I used a 300B SET amp with a Logitech Transporter then changed to a solid state system. You might want to heed Sherods advise especially the power cord!

There is some sort of interaction thats defining the results.

Drop me a PM I have a Power Cord for you to try.
Just seeing this post. I have the AH 2.1 updated to 2.2. Neither AH version is analytic, rather they are mellow and sweet and dynamic. and I am running into Nuforce V3SE's and prior to this this Nuforce V2SE. But I do have a sweet front in using NorthStar transport and DAC. I would suspect the front end as the AH and Nuforce are both very transparent. Also Nuforce needs power and vibration isoloation to sound its best, else can be edgy and analytic.
Anyone interested in the Audio Horizons would benefit from reading the 1000+ posts on the AH thread for one of the most thorough discussions of any piece of equipment on the gon. It is praised highly. It does benefit from tube rolling, but is great in its stock form as well.