Audio Artistry Beethovens

I have just received my new Beethovens. Searching the archives I have seen notes that AA is out of buisiness, This is wrong. They still makes and sells all the line Vivaldi,Dvoraks,Beethoven etc. Audio Artistry speakers are just wonderfull! Im intrested in what amps other Beethoven users use?

Ulf from Sweden
Ulf -

First of all, congrats on your new speakers!

Did you e-mail me with your amplifier question some time back? Around that time I lost my e-mail files, and I don't think I ever replied to you. My apologies.

I'm not an Audio Artistry owner, just a fan - but I was in Siegfried's home several months ago and as I recall he was using several fairly low powered (maybe 50-watt ballpark)solid state amps. I think he was tri-amplifying or maybe even quad-amplifying. He may well have built the amps himself, but they were not at all big & beefy.

Personally, I'd have liked a touch of tube warmth, but that's just me. The dynamics were incredible with the amps he had.

I know this doesn't give you many specifics, but hopefully it's better than nothing.

Best of luck to you!

I was under the impression that Sigfried had severed his ties with AA several years ago.
I have heard the Beethovens with custom double-stacked subs tri-amplified with BEL solid state amps. A truley amazing combo. Happy listening. Erik
Bamafan -

Yes Siegfried has severed his ties with AA, but he still owns a pair of Beethovens.
thanks for your answers-
I understand that many use BEL w AA. But the Bel is unbalanced I think (and all my gear are balanced)?
And I dont think BEL even makes a 230Volt version for Europe?
Many AA owners also use Rowland I understand.
I have just measured my speakers and the subs went down to 10Hz at my listing position! Then the whole house was rattling! But the Beethovens is all about refinment and musicality too! And what fantastic looks they have w piano black laque and wood sides.


Mr. Siegfried Linkwitz also mentioned in his website that he has had good results with Hafler, Muse, and ATI model 1504 beside Jeff Rowland and BEL gear. Is your system fully active?

The AA website doesnt mention price what do the Beethovins retail for?


Audio Artistry dont advertise and dont sell via ordinary stereo shops. The last retail when they sold via stereo shops was about 28K. Now they are cheaper since the dont advertise etc. Emajl me if you want to come in contact with AA,