Audio Alchemy power station 3 specs


I recently purchased an Audio Alchemy Ultra DAC DTI plus. I did not get the power supplies however. It required two DC power supplies. Originally came with Power Station 3 if Im not mistaken.

Does anyone out there have one, and if so can you let me know the 4 digit model number stamped on the unit power supplies?

Or if anyone can give me some specs perhaps I can DIY.

I have a Power Station 3, but it does not have 4-digit model number, unless you're referring to something inside the case. I have a Power Station 4 as well (several actually), which was the standard supply for a number of AA components and is interchangeable with the PS 3 (the 3 was an extra cost upgrade). Both have the same 6-pin connector, though the cords on the PS 3 are detachable and those on the PS 4 are captive. The PS 4 says:
"SEC. #1: +/- 18VDC @ 250mA
SEC. #2: +/- 8VDC @ 250mA"

These are sitting in my garage, so if you want one, email me and let's discuss.
If anyone has a pin out for the PS-4 (round six pin connector) I may be able to convert it for use.

You can use the "standard" Alchemy supplies...they have 7009 stamped on them, or you can use the PS-1..i think 7655 was the manufacturers number (but not sure).

The DITB (DAC section) requires plus and minis 15-18vDC. The connector should be wired for plus voltage at the tip, minus voltage at the center band, and ground to the base.

The DTI.Plus only needs the plus voltage at the tip and ground at the base (no center band connection). A simple 12vDC adapter will work fine.

What is the very best supply that Audio Alchemy offered for these units, and what is the 4 digit stamped code?

How important is it to have a beefed up clean filtered regualted etc etc 12v power supply for the DTI?