Attention Audio Aero Capitole owners, need help

I purchased a used Audio Aero Capitole mk1 about 1 year ago here on audiogon and the CDP just started making some large static sounds. Is it time to replace the tubes? Since I didn't receive a owners manual with the purchase how do I check the tubes? Where on the machine are they located? If I do need new tubes where are the best places to buy them?

Thanks for your help.
Don't know if you can test these since the tubes are soldered onto the circuit board. They are located I believe in the left rear of the player and uses two 6021 W subminiature tubes. As "Peterd" stated above give the guys at Globe Audio a call and describe the problem, if you need new tubes they can supply these as well. They are very helpful.
The guys over at Globe Audio are your ticket. I own the AA Prima. They have been more than helpful. They will set you free.
Everyone thanks. I called and email Globe with my situation. I have not heard back yet but will give them a few days.