Hi there-

Does anybody have any experience with this speaker and an opinion as to whether or not it will work in a small room (9 feet by 11 feet) with the Creek Evolution 50a amplifier?

I'm especially interested in the newest version, which I think was just released recently....

Absolutely a great speaker. Works great in small rooms because they like to be listened near field. Whether that Creek will work or not I dont know. I have not heard Creek enough.
I agree with the previous post. ATC 11's are on the low side of efficient.
Hi Stonesfan,You mean ATCs won't work well with this amp, even in a small room?
It will work if you dont crank it up too loud.
The ATC SCM-11 is an outstanding speaker. I just got a pair before Christmas. One issue to be considered, whether big or small room, these speakers need really a "muscle" amp to get out the best! So, pay much attention to the amp. I don't know the Creek at all, so I can't get an opinion, but certainly the starting line would be ATC's own integrated, the SIA2-150.
Thanks very much. I am new to hi fi, so please forgive a basic question, but what qualifies as a "muscle" amp? I have read that the Creek Evolution 50a is very well made and has more umph than you might expect for 50wpc, but somehow I doubt this counts as muscle. Can someone clarify? With thanks...
I think you'll be all right with the Creek. If not…well, you can pair up two Creeks with one as a slave to another...
I owned the ATC 11's prior to purchasing the 19's. As other stated, the 11's are excellent speakers but need power to sound their best. The Creek amp may drive the 11's but it's not poweful enough for these speakers to sound their best even inyour small room. Good luck.
Anybody running either a scm7 or 11 with peachtree 220 amp if so how does it pair
Two things, They do  better with more juice, but more importantlly I've found they sound best with the volumne turned up. If for a room your size that will be a problem.  Lots swear but for me I sold mine. To analytical. Couldn't listen for extented periods. Ear fatigue, again my opinion.