AT - 33 prestige . Is it repairable ?

The Cantilever has come out of the(housing)? The micro wires are still attached.This is a great sounding cartridge and I would really like to use it again if possible and not to costly.
Try soundsmith, it will most likely come back better then it was stock
Second Cpk's recommendation.

Go for it, but be prepared for a long wait. The result IME is worth it. Note that the top of the line rebuild from Soundsmith costs about as much as a new AT33PTG. However there's a fair chance that, as Cpk suggests, you will like the rebuild better than the original.

Get a second 33PTG to play while you wait! OK, this may not really be a welcome idea, sorry if so, but the AT33PTG is a really good-sounding cart for relatively little money and you'd have to spend double or more to do better IMHO. I like it as much as or better than my old Benz Glider 2.
They want to re-tip. This is a new cartridge so I want only to repair if possible.They will inspect for 75.00 and then let me know.So I am deciding which way to go as I have a cart. worth about 350.00.
Which would be best RE-TIP,REPAIR,REPLACE ?

If replace with original or something is better for about the same $$$
I would say that if it's the same price, go for the Soundsmith recommendation.