Audio Aero Prestige CD/SACD player: which caps?

Hi, I am looking to upgrade the capacitors in my Audio Aéro Prestige CD/SACD player. Does anyone know which values (uf and V) will work? The caps inside are hidden in a plastic case, so no letters are visible.
I did find some information on how to upgrade the Audio Aéro Capitole which uses the same tubes (6021 subminiature) but I am unsure whether it also uses the same caps.
Thanks for any help!
Find somebody to measure the capacitance of your mystery caps. My Capitole player , I installed V Cap .10 uf. 600v Coppers caps. Hope this helps.
Thanks, will try – maybe I can measure it myself. Results, if any, will be posted here...
I bought a capacitance meter, and measured one of the anonymous round black caps (no letters or figures on it). It measures 0.1uf. Maybe it is the Hovland that others mention to be in the Capitole? (Mine is a Prestige.)
So now I wil be looking for an upgrade to a cap with similar capacitance, or higher, i that is allowed...
The standard caps on prestige sacd are 0.1µF/400V from hovland musicap. For SE version the caps were sold by glode audio mkt.
King Regards.