ASR Mini Basis, Simaudio LP5.3 or Heed Quasar ?

Hi.Has anyone compared them? Used prices can be close enough.
I understand that they all sound very good but quite different. Do they really belong to the same class?
I may want to get one of them, and I don't like upgrading too often. We got German, Canadian and Hungarian stuff here.
No American, British or French this time.
At present I would use it with Goldring 1042 MM/Nottingham Spacedeck&Spacearm, but it should be able to handle really good LOMC.
Another question is, do you think that any of them is equal or better than Rowland's phono card in Concentra I, Concentra II and Concerto integrateds ? I am asking because that's what I am later most likely going to upgrade my Audiolab 8000LX to.
Would appreciate your thoughts, ideas, speculations etc.
I had the Sim LP5.3 w/the seperate power supply here along with the ASR Basis exclusive (blue boards) and prefered the Sim combo. Not quite as detailed but fuller, warmer, just as quiet, equal soundstage and lots of cartridge options.
I brought home a mini basis exclusive "just for fun" to try out, and it was so much better than my ps audio gcph that I had to drain my car audio fund to buy one.

Very dynamic, clear and open while still being rich and full sounding. Highly recommended.