PS Audio GCPH mod vs. Heed Quasar

I'm looking to replace my $500 MM phono stage with something both more refined and more flexible to accommodate MC carts as well, and have been considering these aforementioned stages.

The GCPH is a $1500 extensive mod that apparently offers superb dynamics and clarity and holds its own with phono preamps three times its price.

The Quasar has developed an almost cult-like following and is apparently a steal at its price of $1000.

I can audition the Quasar but not the GCPH mod. The GCPH seems to offer more flexibility, but the Quasar still has pretty much what I'm looking for in terms of features.

Any advice or feedback from owners of either?
Thank you!
I have not tried the PS Audio unit, but I have the Quasar and not once have I had the desire to upgrade to anything else. I love the Quasar. I would like to audition some of Heed's other gear, but there's nobody close to me that sells it. I do highly recommend the Quasar though.
I have the modded PS Audio and it is absolutely stellar. I bought it as a stop gap while I tested some tube phono preamps, but after getting the PS Audio modded unit I decided to keep it. In fact as it breaks in the PS Audio sounds better and better, it's the best phono preamp I have used period. Check out the online reviews of the modded unit.
I second the modded PS Audio GCPH with the caveat you "burn" it in for 72 hours to get a proper first impression. I used a Granite Audio Model #CD101.1 Phone Burn-In & RIAA Test CD from Otherwise, I was ready to send the unit back as it sounded very "harsh" and metallic even after the suggested "burn in" of regular playing time. However, I decided to give the unit one more chance with the phono burn-in disc. Afterward, I found satisfaction with my purchase and finally heard what reviews raved about. At first I thought I get a tube phono preamp as I love the qualities tube provides but this unit fit well with my Grado .5v Reference Cartridge/Scoutmaster, ARC LS 16 preamp, ASL Hurricane monoblocks, and Cardas Golden Cross XLR and RCA ICs configuration. In reflection, a tube phono preamp might have overdone the coveted "warm/tube sound" with my particular set up, so adding a good complimentary solid state piece worked in my mix of gear. The sound staging, sonic details, and coherency from the top to bottom, is all nicely balanced. Since I have no interest in going further up the food chain in amps or preamps, my modded GCPH is just fine. If I was to move up it'd be to the $5 K ARC Phono Preamp, necessitating an amp upgrade but I have no interest in going there because of diminishing returns. I don't know about the Heed Quasar but my experience with the modded GCPH with proper burn-in is very satisfying as it meets my sonic and equipment needs. Good luck to you and always remember to enjoy the music.
Thank you all for responding with great information. It sounds like both phono preamps are terrific. I do like a lot the fact that you can feed the GCPH directly into the power amp; you can actually save money on forgetting a preamp if you only listen to vinyl.
Yes you can save money by not buying a preamp - but most importantly it gives a huge boost to the sound quality by cutting out a preamp stage in any system. The difference is immense.