ASR Emitter owners-help.

Can anyone tell me if it is normal for the right-side heatsinks to be much hotter than those on the left side? I recently picked up this amp and notice that the right side gets too hot too touch, while the left side is very warm, but not nearly as hot. Has anyone else noticed this?


open it up and see where the transformer is...probably much closer to the right side.
I don't believe that is normal. I have an Emitter I Exclusive Blue, 2005 vintage - never experienced that.

If you want a definitive answer, send an email to ASR. Herr Schäfer himself will likely answer your questions. I have communicated with him several times on technical issues. He is typically quite prompt with his replies (I think he responded to me over the weekend) and very helpful. Wonderful service. Good luck!

Not normal.
There are no transformers within the amplifier chassis (they are in a separate chassis).
Probably the bias needs to be adjusted on both channels.
Contact ASR and find out the correct bias setting for your amp.
The bias adjustment procedure is in the owner's manual, but the actual bias voltage varies according to the model and serial number.
Good luck
Thanks for the responses. I might have found the issue: I was using the amp in energy-saving mode yesterday. Tonight, I have been running it on knob setting "2" which results in far less heat on both sinks.

By the way, this amp is SURREAL!!! My prior amps were the Lev #33 monos and the Mac 1.2KW before that. Neither had the dynamics of the ASR, not to mention the transparency,etc... I can't believe how good this amp sounds driving Soundlab Majestics.
I love integrateds even "so-called" ones with several boxes. I am envious.
Both sides of the amplifier should be at the same temperature, independently of being in mode 1 or 2.
I owned an ASR Emitter II not long ago. After listening to it in my Soundlab A1s a friend of mine bought my Emitter and a pair of SoundLab A1s!