ASR Basis Exclusive and WHICH MC cartridge??

I am looking for the best solution regarding MC cartridge.
My analog front end consist of Kuzma Stabi Reference turntable with Kuzma Airline tonearm and ASR Basis Exclusive phono preamplifier.
Budget for cartridge is approxim. $2,000-2,500.
I have heard Benz Micro LP Ebony(which is more expansive)with the same Kuzma combo and Manley Steelhead phono pream and was great for my taste.
What do you think about Shelter 90x,Koetsu Urushi Tsugaru(black),Urushi Vermilion(red), Urushi Wajima(gold),ZYX cartrides which are in this price range, or something else?
ASR Basis Exclusive is solid state component and a little to the yin side of the spectrum(TAS review).

Thank you.
Schorly,you "schorly" must have a good bit more knowledge of things analog than you let on,in this thread.As you do have fabulous stuff,and SHOULD have a good dealer,for support,and a more accessible answer to your question should come from him/her.

All cartridges mentioned are WONDERFUL,as you know.You will most likely get a wide variety of "buy this one" responses(all most likely accurate),yet try to best mate the specific choice to your arm's "best requirements".This parameter is important,and is best discussed with the person you ultimately buy from.This will make a fairly large impact in overall performance,and you will be somewhat protected in case of a mismatch.Trust me,mismatches happen,and can ruin a good rig.

Since you DID ask,there are other fabulous choices to consider.Lyra's "TITAN i" is a wonderful performer.I've heard it lots.The Transfiguration Temper's are fabulous,too.As is the Dynavector XV-1s.As are all designs mentioned,already.Actually in lieu of the great performance from so many current designs,it's not such a stretch to simply go for the cartridge with the best pricing,assuming it is one of the "Recommended" designs,and works well with the arm(an arm I LOVE,btw).

As a point of consideration,I recently got an E-mail from a dealer(I forgot who,but he supposedly had tons of great online feedback),who offered the following prices on new cartridges,which really caught my interest.

Transfiguration Temper $2050.
Koetsu Onyx and Koetsu Jade Platinum $4000.
Koetsu CORAL (list $20,000)for $9995
The Shelter's were well priced as well!
The Koetsus you mention,were also at about half U.S. pricing.Actually I have a copy of the site in my car(just remembered,REALLY)and am going out,in freezing N.J. 55 degree weather,to retrieve it,so hold on.............OK--I'm back.The site is-- Hope this helps.

Looking at this list,now additional prices--My Sonic lab cartridge(supposedly #1 in Japan $2750
Koetsu Urushi Tsugaru $$2400

Koetsu Blue Lace $9995

Koetsu Tiger Eye Platinum Diamond(for the big spenders)$6500
Urushi Vermilion(red)$2500/alnico magnet

Shelter 90x$1950

Clearaudio Goldfinger $7200

Clearaudio Stradivarius $2750

this guy also is asking really good prices on a variety of ultra pricey cables,as well as stuff like Avalon/CAT/and Jadis.

BTW--I only kept this list to show my friends,who live in Brooklyn.I am NOT endorsing ANYTHING here,but thought some of "YOU GUYS",like ME,would get a "KICK" out of it.

I have NO association here,but just wanted to mention that a large discount can be had,as cartridges are usually marked up quite a bit,with some careful looking around.Surely "Schorly",you must have some good audio pals who can be of additional help.

Best of luck,and you will have a great analog ride!!
BTW-I did list the site,but it was edited out.I can understand why!best of luck.
Thank you Sirspeedy.
BTW- I know this dealer already.
I am more interested about sonic differences between this different cart. with ASR phono!
HI Schorly,
as I do also posses a Kuzma Stabi Reference turntable with Kuzma Airline and a Stabi SD with Kuzma Airline,
I would try to consider the Takeda Myabi, Temper V,
or Koetsu Jade.
These MC Cartridge do perform well with the Kuzma Airline.

Best Regards Karl-Heinz
Which phono are you using in your sistem,Karl-Heinz?
Is Takeda Myabi new cartridge?
I heard a lot good about Koetsu Jade Platinum, but it is to expansive for me at the moment.
This is my first analog set-up and I will try first with something not so expansive.
Thank you for your opinion.
Try the Dynavector TE Kaitora Cartridge.
Looks nice and how can it possibly sound bad.

A very jaded ;-)
HI Schorly,

I am using two Stan-Klyne 7PX5 Phono-Pre .
If the price is to high for these other MC-Model's
try getting a ZYX FS 100 (System is in a low price range.)
Best regards
get a ruby 3 wood or naked if you like the LP it´s the same generator as the LP the only difference is the wood and is cheaper. if it matters to you benz has really great retipping conditions compared to others where most of the money you spent on the cart is lost when a damage occurs or the cartridge is worn (wich can happens quicker than one thinks)...
Thank you guys!
Best regards
Im running the ASR Basis Exclusive phono with Graham Phantom Supreme Tonearm and Clearaudio - Da Vinci v2 MC Cartridge.I do pick up floor noise more then other system I have heard.I happy with the results of the ASR Basis Exclusive!!
I am using the same Kuzma Stabi Reference table but with Triplanar VII arm. I think this combination is pretty neutral, and I have a friend who used to have the ASR Basis Exclusive, which I have had substantial listening sessions with.

Your total combo is still pretty neutral and so now U have a chance to determine the tonality of yr system with a choice of cartridge.

Last week, I was still using the Jade Platinum and it had the usual midrange magic that Koetsu is well-known for, and still has the extension on both ends to make one satisfied

Now I am using the Blue Lace Plat. with diamond cantilever, which retains the same midrange magic but with even better extension and (surprise, surprise) speed than the Jade. But the Jade is a shade lusher

FWIW, I think you can experiment with a cartridge which is less than neutral if you are looking in that direction

Cheers ... Peter

Great components and system. I had the ASR Basis Exclusive for 3 years, and was very happy with it.

In terms of pricing, are you only interested in new cartridges, or is used OK?

In terms of my experience, the Shelter 90x was a great pairing, as was the Zyx Universe (although this may be a bit out of your price range unless used). I would not recommend the Urushi (black) - too rich a sound. The best combo I found (in the context of my system) was the Ortofon A90, although I suspect the Dynavector XV-1 would be a solid pairing as well.

Best of luck.
You guys do realize that this thread is 10 years old.
Most likely the OP, if he is still among us, has moved on to some other system by now. The Kuzma Reference and the ASR were very de rigeur in 2005 and are still great pieces, but such is audio fashion.