ASL WAVE 8 and MMG's

I am considering mating the Antique Sound Lab DT AV-8 watt tube mono amps up with my MMG'S. Has anybody done this, and if so, with what results? Is this enough power for the MMG's? At present I am using a older Bryston 60 watt amp. This set-up is in a small room so I'm not looking for concert hall level volume.
Just my opinion, but that would not be near enough power to do just to that speaker even if you are not looking for loud volumes!
Not even close to enough power or control to drive a pair of MMG's. You need a more stable amp for such a load, with
at least three times that much power even in the smallest of rooms. It is a wonderful little amp for the money, but find an easier load to drive with it like the little pair of Triangle Titus... a great match for some tube magic on a budget.
I would not recommend it. Those MMGs take considerable power, and power is one thing the Waves dont have much of. I would recommend a more powerful amp, or of course more efficient speakers. But for kicks, maybe I can hook up my Waves to some SMGa's and tell you how they do...