ASL Hurricane or CJ 140

I am looking for a reasonably priced, high-power tube amp. It will play in a system with a Modwright 9.0SE preamp and Gallo Reference 3 speakers. Imaging and liquidity are important to me. Also speed and an extended high end. Not worried about bass. Mainly listen to jazz and rock.
I have the original ASL Hurricanes. I have a review here on AudioGon. Aside from the fact that the amps are not "state of the art" in build quality (had some minor problems) they are SOTA in sound. I would certainly consider them. As to the Connies, from my recollection they have a wonderful tube warmth to them! Very pleasing to listen to.
Good luck!
The CJ is neutral, with a very controlled balanced sound, it will not enhance (or detract) from the midrange or low end. The lows are controlled well for a tube amp. The highs are magical. I wouldn't say it is the most transparent amp out there, but it is very transparent. I think with the right speakers, the CJ would be incredible. I could see it being matched very well to something like a Harbeth, a speaker a bit on the warmer side. Not sure where the Gallos fall in the warm/cool spectrum, but thought these thoughts might help. Ultimately, the CJ + my new Logan Vantages were too cool of a match, so I went and am happier with some Cary 805c.
Im not going to be a sore thumb but neither of the amps mentioned has speed as a strong point. Ive owned them both driving Schweikert vr 4 SEIII. The hurricanes are lush and a bit darkish, the CJ is close to that. Ive owned VTL 300, 450, Rogue Zeus and some others. I owned Rogue 120's before the fore mentioned units and Ive sold all of them for another Rogue 120 magnum pair. The 150's might be worth a listen. Speed correct? great hobby enjoy
the CJ 140 is lush and dark? i wouldn't call it that... there probably are faster amps out there tho. i'd consider atmasphere if your impedence curve doesn't dip too low...