A problem with my ASL Hurricane.....

Well after 2 1/2 years I have another problem with my ASL Hurricanes. The last one was after a week of ownership one amp would shut down automatically.

OK here is my problem....one amp powers up but is not producing any sound. When I check the other amp (the good one) and put on the meters to check the tubes I get a reading in the neutral position of....."000". The "bad" amp reads"-002". This happened before and I just rotated the tuber meter switch on the bad amp and the amp reading came back to "000" and the amp played. Now today it does not. By the way I switched in and out two KT88 tubes thinking that might be the problem but it is not. Any suggestions or help??
Time to bring your 'Canes to the doctor.

The meter reading clearly indicates something's not right. What the problem is can only be diagnosed by a tech. When I first got my amp from another Audiogon owner, UPS dropped it and crushed an internal component. It read the same as your meter indicates. A year later, it read the same thing and indicated some resisters had "blown".

My repair guy says inevitably tubes will flucuate and they cause the resisters associated with the tube to "blow" like fuses. Furthermore, he said expect it to happen about every 12-18 months. After discussing the situation, I decided to have him install a fuse in each amp because I'm keeping my amps and lugging a pair of 70 pound amps back and forth to him every two years wasn't a pretty prospect.

I like my 'Canes a lot and will keep them forever. Consequently, I invested some monies for preventative maintainence for the fuse and some other parts upgrades as well.

The 'Canes, I discovered afterwards in reading different posts, require some maintainence which is why I think people are selling them after a few years. I love the sound of my 'Canes but the upkeep was a surprise.

Good luck and enjoy your amps because I love mine...when they're working.
You might e-mail Holm audio on the dealer showcase page of this site and they can tell you exactly whats wrong- it was explained to me but I was not paying enough attention to repeat it to any extent. This is a repeating problem as far as I've been told.
Thanks so much Mahandave!!
Thanks Jwong for your advice. Both you and Manhandave have helped me out quit a bit.
I am still waiting for the good folks at Holm Audio to contact me but it seems that I need to take my amp in for repair.
I live in NYC and was wondering where and who you repair tech is? I am also curious about the fuses he installed. Did they affect the sound in any way?

Thanks again for your help and support!
Just an FYI...Holm audio just e-mailed me. The tech will contact me Monday or Tuesday. I will keep you all posted.
I think bad tubes may have blown an internal fuse. I would open up the amp & check the internal fuse.