ASI Liveline vs LessLoss-Original AC Cord.

Any experience with both cables? Best for Pathos Classic One MKIII?
I use both cables in my current set. The LessLoss (LL) was introduced more then a year ago ( or is it already 2 years) and I was one of the early adaptors. The LL surprised me with a excellent buildquality ( very good connectors) and very good sonic qualities. The LL is one of the very few non shielded silver over copper stranded cables that do not sound harsh/strained in the HF. It’s an overall well balanced cable with no highlighting. Easy to install and handle. A tight bottom with a clean/clear/crisp top and well defined mid. How else do you wont her to look ?? A great price/performance ratio. This cable will match well in a system that needs some less blurr in the LF and/or some more clarity/defenition.
The ASI is twice as expencieve but it will prove it’s worth it more then twice. This fragile, tiny looking power cord doesn’t look likes it sounds at all. It’s made from solid core ( rather thin) wire that can’t be bent as easily as the LL and the connectors are (red) copper. The connectors have a good tight fit.The ASI bests the LL on all her qualities and adds some more. With the ASI plugged in you will immediately experience the “LIVE”, “be there with” the performance. I never heard the piano and other string instruments with that kind of impact. Full colour tones, rich overtones, dynamics to die for, 3D imaging, clear picture ( no blurrrrrr). Voices come through so clear just like the bass ( double bass). Much easier to follow and enjoy. The LF are so clear and clean that the rest ( MF-HF) comes through much easier, more natural, with more detail. I think you will have to hear it to believe it, but isn’t that always the fact !! You can’t go wrong either way. The will both do a ( very)good job in your set with the Kubala’s I quess.