ASI Liveline Reference IC

Hello Friends,
I'm currently using ASI Power cables and ASI Liveline Reference IC. What I noticed was that the moment I inverted the RCA cables, the sound became lush, delicate with tube rolling. I'm really fascinated by this cable. Did anyone else also experience the same.
Thank you for your time.
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The electrons were confused going against the arrows on your cable(if there is any)

If you heard a difference, then there is. Never a difference myself. I've read that manufacturers put arrows on their cables "because consumers expect them" 
The arrows are pretty much there. The whole signature has altered, the forward sounding ASI cable has become tube rolling, soft and delicate sounding once inverted, keeping the harmonics intact.
Usually the arrows are pointing to the end that is grounded on rca ics. Whatever way they sound best to you is the right way:-)
The Rca arrows are taken from Arcam Dac output and into tube preamp.
I read that in tube equipment with inverted RCA cables sound better.

This construction makes the interconnect cables particularly directional. The red heat shrink indicates the receive/load end. However, some equipment like tube gear will sound better when the interconnect is inverted (red end on the send component or source).