Anyone else tried the Acoustic Systems Liveline?

A pair of Franck Tschang's tuned interconnects (see Six Moons reviews) are still breaking in, in my system, but they have already "stomped" my Harmonic Technology Magic 2, HT Pro-Silway III+, and Van den Hul Orchid. While I don't have any at present, from memory I'd also say that they handily vanquish the Nordost Valhalla and Kubala-Sosna Emotion interconnects in my system. They are not HiFi spectacular, but are the most musical and least electronic sounding cables I've ever heard. Interestingly, several recording that have always sounded compressed and confused in spots, which I just attributed to the recording, are rendered cleanly for the first time with these cables and no other system changes.
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I was able to try these cables as well, the single ended version (rca's). Its a very detailed, lively sounding cable. The mids are very clear. They are also very dynamic.
Yeah, they kinda killed my $1500 interconnects already.
I was curious about this cable too but have not found a source for them. Care to share and how much costs?

Thank you,

the balance cable is around $1500; the single rca are $1000
I now have these cables for 3 weeks in my system and these cables continue to impress me with its weight sound yet very detailed and dynamic!!
give these cables a try guys, you might like them.
"the balance cable is around $1500; the single rca are $1000"

Is that European pricing?
I believe the above is in U.S. Dollars.
FYI: carries them in their online store @ US$995 RCA & US$1450 XLR.
The web site is:

Note the spelling "xtreme".
The distributor is Avatar Acoustics who can refer you to your nearest dealer, whom you can contact to audition them in your system before purchasing.
can someone explain why there is such an emphasis upon resolution as a criterion in cable selection ?

i have attended many live music events and when i hear most stereo systems, thay sound more focused or "sharper" than live music.

of course, it could be a search for stimulation. often, the presentation of a stereo system which is highly resolving creates a feeling of excitement, which may be a desirable thing for some listeners.
Mrt, perhaps you'd care to explain your comment, "can someone explain why there is such an emphasis upon resolution as a criterion in cable selection ?" I don't see anyone saying that above. While I agree that resolution by itself cannot be an indicator of quality, why would a diffuse, perhaps rolled off sounding cable be better, more natural?

In the past you have noted your preference for a rolled off treble, perhaps very little or none at all. But is that natural? I think not. Many systems may sound edgy and aggressive due to their own faults, but I submit that there is a lot of information in the upper octaves that we sense (not just hear), and it would seem that based upon research by James Boyk that that is true.
I recently purchased a pair of ASI LiveLine (RCA 1.5) interconnects. I agree they're livelier, clarity is also greater than my Audioquest King Cobra's. Frequency much wider, but I must say that I also noticed a more natural sound reproduction of instruments. In some recordings in my Baroque collection, I hear instruments I haven't heard before - it's quite surprising! I suspect they might be the last interconnects you purchase, I know I will.
I also should say that they're an excellent compliment to my Tannoy Glenair.
Just want to share my impressions about Liveline cables in my system. This is truly amazing product!
I have replaced KubalaSosna Elation speaker cables, Echole Obsession interconnects and Nordost Odin power cords with Liveline cables. 10 times better price with dramatically better result! This is something that I never experienced before!!!
Better resolution, dynamics and transparency with perfect balance. All the rest sounds dead in compare.
I strongly recommend! Believe me, you'll keep them just ones you heard how your system can perform!
Franck, I don't know how you did it, but this is just unbelievable!
I have used the ASI Liveline, had it on my system for about 4 months. Yes, you guys are right, they are very resolving of micro details, very lively with great clarity. The highs have a sparkle to it lacking in many cables.

However I somehow could not warm up to its sound. It has a forward character, upfront and a bit too immediate. It was fast but not fluid. Somehow, everything felt magnified which to me is not real. No, my system was neither forward nor edgy, it was the cable, and I ascertained it after I tried it at couple of my friend's systems, the results were the same. Music always sounded very high on adrenaline, which was fatiguing to me. I also tried it as a digital cable with same/similar results :(
My impressions are similiar to Murataltuev. I've replaced all my Synergistic Apex ICs and spkr cables with ASI Livelines. These are definitely keepers for a very very long time.

I also know several local audiophiles have replaced all their top of the line Stealth with Livelines.

Thank You Franck for making them and Srajan Ebaen for bringing them to our attention :-) Gotta love the internet :-)
Can anyone suggest a dealer?
Pani, the resolution of Liveline is incredible and if anything wrong in your system they will not work for you. With higher resolution is very difficult to keep balance, and sometimes you need to make step back in resolution to return balance back.

Ozzy, I think for your system they will work really great!!!
Dealer in USA:
Murataltuev, I have had ICs which were even higher in resolution than the Livelines and those ICs sang in my system.
I do not want to boast anything about my system, all I can say that it is a very clean sounding system. Reimyo is the source and Symphonic line the Amplifier, ATC are the speakers, cables are very well matched and clean. There is no reason for me to step backwards on the resolution front to get the balance.

I have tried many cables and my basic takeaway is, there are tons of cables out there which play this resolution game by making it sound gritty and really emphasizing the presence region, especially the leading edges and Livelines are no exception to these, except that they do it in a little more acceptable manner. Real instruments dont bite. I have heard cables which give you all the details but not in a manner to chew it but as part of a instrumental tone which really helps you appreciate the instrument. Livelines were more like, it is trying to impress you so hard that at the end you appreciate the system and the cable but not the instrument. It never allowed me to forget my system, thats what I call a electro-mechanical sound. Even today I use the same system (as in electronics and speakers) but when it plays I only appreciate the fact that there is only music in the room, no electronics and no speakers. I hear all the little details and texture but they dont call attention as an individual. If I want I can always dealieanate them and listen to it as an individual.

A simple example of this would be the way music sounds at late nights when the A/C line is cleaner. You hear more detail but it is presented as more music. Going by your argument, if a system is not upto the mark, it should sound worse at nights because of more details !!!

I would still say Liveline is a good cable but needs to be matched well to get more positives and less of its negatives.
Actually Avatar Acoustics is the distributor, who can refer you to your nearest dealer.
Pani, very interesting!
What cables are you using now?
Fusion Audio Romance are better!
I don't know this cables.
I know that in my system after LiveLine any other cable in any price range sounds dead.
Hifisoundguy, how is it better? What other cables have you tried? What's your system?

Joe of JAM'n Audio is a Liveline dealer.

MAIN: 847-356-5161
FAX: 847-265-9459
CELL: 224-577-5161

I use a Fusion Audio Romance at present. This is one interconnect which sounds closest to real instruments (tone, timbre, body, texture, harmonics, decay...everything is so real and present). And it does not do this only to the hear the same across the frequency spetrum.
Ok. I'll try to find them to compare!
I replaced a 1m Acoustic Zen Silver mkII with a Liveline. No looking back. Amazing Cable. I got a pair from Barry Konigs, Transparent Audio. He can be contacted at 484 547 6799. He located in PA.

I just ordered a 6m run XLR to replace my other Acoustic Zen Silver mkII.
Jimi_p, are you going to try Liveline spkr cables?

First I replaced my SR Apex Bi-wire with Liveline and cheap jumpers. Friends familiar with my system were stunned by the improvements. They repeatly asked is spkr cable only thing I changed.

Now my system is all liveline. I'm using 2 single runs for bi-wiring and a HUGE improvements over single+jumpers.

Surprisely Liveline is the 1st cable that I found works equally well with both SS and tube.

If anyone needs an EXCELLENT Liveline dealer, contact me with PM.
My whole system is wired with Liveline cables. I can go on for pages about tonality, soundstage and details it is all there in spades. Bottom line, the Liveline speaker cables in my system sounded better than my long time favorite Stealth Hybrid MLTs and I consider those one of the best price/sound speaker cables I tried. The Liveline ICs replaced Stealth Metacarbon and those do not need any introduction. Also another thing I like about Liveline that they are very flexible and not so visible with highest WAF. My second system now also wired with Livelines ICs and speaker cables. Considering their cost I think the Livelibe cables a bargain. I am not a dealer, just a very satisfied customer.
I came across this old thread quite a while ago and the enthusiasm for the liveline impressed me. The 6 moons and the Stereo Times reviews were flat out raves.This cable stayed on my mind for the past 5 months more or less. Well I got a 1 meter pair IC between my DAC and linestage and it`s simply fantastic!The tone reproduction,dynamic energy and resolution is top tier with just beautiful harmonic overtones and a full weight and pure natural sound of instruments and voices.I listen to acoustic jazz 90% of the time and man oh man! trumpet,saxes,drum kits,vibraphones and piano sound so present and realistic.Lots of energy and presence into the room, yet everything stays relaxed and unforced.Franck Tchang did a masterful job in making these superb cables.The past 2 years I`d used the PS Audio Transcendent solid core silver 18ga. which is truely an excellent IC, and I had prefered it to any other cable in my system. The tonality and timbre preservation of the livelne is extraordinary.
I have also been using the IC and speaker cable for quite some time with the Acoustic System Tango Speakers. Agree with many posts above - very natural sounding cables with great detail and tone.
Also very satisfied. Has anyone used the power cables?
I use some of the power cords in the demo system here to good effect. Dealer disclaimer.
Wow, the Tango speakers must sound really special.Which impacted your system more, the IC or the S.C.? One pair of IC in my system and it easy to notice the improvement.
From my experience, I found the SC made the most impact, then IC between amp to pre, lastly pre to dac.

Also if you have bi-wired speakers, throw away the jumpers and get 2 separate runs. The improvements are simply amazing.

BTW, some ASI owners are claiming the black and blue shrink wrap liveline is the latest version. That's INCORRECT! There's only ONE version and Franck is just introducing new color options.
Thanks Knghifi for your reply. I have one set DAC to linestage and that sure made an impact. I`ll certainly be adding more in the near future. The speaker cable does`nt show up on audiogon often it seems.
In my system, hard to say which impacted my system more as I introduced both the IC and speaker cables at the same time. I had been using Zu's top of the line IC previously (which I found to be excellent) but the ASI IC has resulted in an even more natural sound.
Vicks7, looks like we were on the same journey. After reading 6moon's Zu Varial review and corresponded with Srajan Ebaen, I bought a pair of Varials and SURPISELY it blew away all my more expensive ICs. BTW, Zu Ash is an excellent digital cable too.

I was planning to try Crystal Ultra next and Srajan suggested ASI Liveline and the rest is history plus it save myself lots of $ :-)
Voice of dissension here. I had the ASIs and I didn't like what they did tonally to my system. Also, they have a "live" sound to them that I'm not sure I liked. I was speaking with another audiophile who had heard them and had the same impression.

After I left them in for awhile, my ears became more accustomed to them, but it still wasn't my preference.

I did find it wonderful as a digital cable and can recommend it for that application.

I remember Srajan Ebaen of 6moons unequivocally recommending them, but I wouldn't recommend buying these without an audition.
There`s no audio component or accessory I`m aware of that suits everyone, it`s not realistic(and eplains so many brands and endless choices available). You always must trust your own ears and response to audio items. For me the Liveline is a remarkable product, it`s effect on my system is stunning! in your case it was`nt. Thats the way it goes.
Macdude, my observations is exactly the same as yours. Tonally it had too much edge and lacked warmth, while sounding too live. Subtlety was out of the window.

I would strongly suggest you try a Crimson RM Musiclink interconnect. It will blow you away with its true to timbre, natural warmth, musicality, realistic soundstage and amazing PRAT. For the price $360, it is an extreme bargain. It just sounds like nothing.
Have you tried or heard the Crimson speaker wire as well? If so, any thoughts?
Fla, I have not tried the speaker cables. But I know they use the same cable for their interconnect, speaker cable and digital cable. I have tried it as an interconnect and a digital cable and in both the applications it is fabulous. When I say it is fabulous it doesnt have an wonder tone or a ghostly huge just sounds like it doesnt leave a signature of its own, the tone-timbre is dead on, soundstage is wall to wall when the recording has it else it is just nice and extends from outer edge of speaker to speaker. Background is very clean, not the kind of cleanliness which you see in some heavily shielded cables which almost always takes away something from the music as well. It is just very clean with all the music intact. Another outstanding thing about this cable is its PRAT. It is among the best in the business in keeping PRAT intact. Apart from all this, I have never missed anything in the detail department but it doesnt sound hyper detailed like some silver cables. IMO every little detail is there and presented the way it was intended. Clean taut bass and open airy highs with natural hue like an excellent tube equipment. In the end it sounds like nothing. You have to listen to this my friend.
BTW, Crimson comes with a return policy.

I normally never buy a cable new and never ever at the list price. This one I bought new and at its list price, thinking that anyway I can return it unless it blows me away...and guess what, I am ordering one more pair (at the list price:) ) to go from my pre to power.
Thanks Pani:
Please describe the differences between the Crimson and your former Fusion Audio Romance. And thanks for the tip on the Monarchy Audio re-generator!
03-01-11: F1a
Thanks Pani:
Please describe the differences between the Crimson and your former Fusion Audio Romance. And thanks for the tip on the Monarchy Audio re-generator!
F1a (Threads | Answers | This Thread)
This is funny. In this crazy hobby, the next one is the best and greatest ... no end in sight ... this INCLUDES myself.

Got to say as far as IC and speaker cables goes, I'm off the bus and have desire to hop back on anytime soon.
I can except pani`s choice of cables, differerent ears,taste,system, perception etc. He`s found what works for him. I, like you have settled down with the liveline.If pani is as happy with his cable as we are with our ASI, he should be off the merry go round as well.
03-01-11: Charles1dad
I can except pani`s choice of cables, differerent ears,taste,system, perception etc. He`s found what works for him. I, like you have settled down with the liveline.If pani is as happy with his cable as we are with our ASI, he should be off the merry go round as well.
Charles1dad (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)
Of course Charles1dad, Pani can use whatever works for him. We all have different systems, taste ... I have no problems with it.

That's NOT the point of my post. I'm making a general comment on all audiophiles with the upgradesis syndrom.
Fla, the Fusion Audio Romance IC is more romantic sounding. It has a lush, rich tone but it is not veiled, muddy or slow like typical romantic sounding ICs. It has good extension on both ends and makes music sound really full and present. That is its USP. It actually adds tube like character to the presentation, with instruments sounding big and bold. However it is definitely colored. It is not neutral to the tone. What you hear is a larger than life presentation. I would say every audiophile should listen to the Fusion in his system at least once. It is like savoring an exotic dish. You may or may not like it that is a different topic.

OTOH, the Crimson doesnt do anything to change the sound, if at all I have not yet noticed it. It is more extended on both ends and the extension comes across clean and airy. It is also more transparent and a little more see through. I would say if you want to add some extra life, color, romance, vigor, presence to the sound, go with the Fusion. If you think your system has it all and you just want to listen to your system un-adultrated go with the Crimson.

Both the interconnects are smooth and musical so it is left to your system's balance and your preferences
Knghifi, I am not saying Crimson is the best cable. I was rather more impressed with my previous Fusion Audio cable. It did more things to please me !!
However I realized that if I want more tube-like sound I am better off adding a tube component to my system rather than using cables which tries achieve that "effect". So I am in the process of adding a tube source to my setup. Please read my other posts on this topic on the digital section. That is how I moved on.