Arts Audio Joto

Hello, I am looking at a Arts Audio Joto amp to power my 90 db speakers. Worrried about clipping and power. Anyone have experience or thoughts on its capabilities?
With their recent track record, that's not all you should be worried about.
What do you mean?
The previous importer left a handful of customers hanging and the new importer is where product lines go to die.

Bill is right,
The previous importer basically stolen money from his customers, and never delivered the product.
Watch out for his next business endeavor, given the track record...
Name is Joe Fratus
Would you stear away from buying one on Audiogon?
Hudson Audio is the new service center for Art Audio products. I haven't heard anything negative about Hudson Audio, so I don't see a problem.
As to whether or not the Jota is appropriate for your speakers, it would be helpful to know what speakers they are, not just how efficient they happen to be.
The Jota is a wonderful amp.