Aries owner, what isolation device do you use?

Since my house has crawl space, any turntables without suspension will sound muddy if they just sit on my rack. Dealer suggested putting a slab under the Aries, Music Direct also sells Black Diamond Racing kits specifically for Aries. What other options do I have short of mounting a wall rack which is not an option for me? Or will I be better of selling the Aries and buy a table with suspension like Oracle?
I recently posted a similar question about an isolation platform for my Aries. I was looking at the Bright Star sandboxes and air mass or the Silent Running Audio platform.Everyone recommended the Silent Running Audio, I called them and talked with the owner and ordered one. It has been in my system for about 2 weeks now and I can say that it is a significant improvement in every way. I recommend calling and talking to Kevin and telling him your problem and ask him if his product will help. Go to for more information and e-mail and telephone number.
Rec. How much did the Silent Running cost, if you don't mind me asking? Anyone tried a non-active Vibraplane?
I use a passive Vibraplane under my Aries. It made a significant improvement. Well worth the dollars IMHO.
I made a 4" deep sandbox (out of MDF), then laid a 1" thick poished granite slab on top of the sand... this brought focus.

My second step was to put the tt & the SAMA on stainless steel blocks on top of the granite (the idea was to "couple" the compenents to the massive vibration sink). This was also well worthwhile...
Have any one tried the Black Diamond Racing kits from Music Direct? Basically 4 pucks and a circular shelf for motor for $280. The price is pretty steep for 5 tiny BDR, but what matters is do they work?
I also recommend the Vibraplane. I am using under a VPI HW19MKIV and it was a significant improvement. I am sure since the Aries is an unsuspended table the improvement may be even more dramatic.
Symposium Ultra Platform, with the custom cutout to further isolate the motor from the table.

Very beautiful, but expensive. Easily scratched.

All this mounted on a custom-built steel wall rack that was created for me by a local artist. I can email pictures of it if anyone's interested.