Aries and JMW 10 Arm

I just got an Aries turntable with a JMW 10 arm and have a few questions. The arm lift does not lift the JMW arm high enough to clear the record. Is the lift broke or is there an adjustment that can be made? If it is broke any ideas on if and/or how to fix it. I bought the table and arm used and I have no manual for the arm. I have called VPI but was wondering if anyone could help while I wait for it to arrive. My next question is, does anyone use a mat with this table and if so, what kind? I just got this table yesterday so any and all suggestions are appreciated.

There is an ajustement screw that allows you to turn and ajust hight on the lift mechanism.
Tim, Sattothestars is correct. I believe there is a hex screw on the side of the lift that will allow you to adjust the height.
I do not use a mat. I do not believe that VPI wants you to? You will love the table and arm. I believe you sent me an e-mail with regard to the stand the I had made for this unit. I forwarded your questions to the designer and hope he contacts you. Good luck and keep in touch!
Loosen the Hex Screw and raise the cylinder for the support arm as high as it will go. I found that for my cartridge (BenzMicro L2) that the stylus will not clear the edge of the record, but will be suspended a few mm above the record surface. This is enough to safely cue the record.

I spoke with Larry at Hollywood sound about this issue. He wasn't familiar with the problem (!!) but was kind enough to contact VPI for me. They sent me three adhesive disks that can be attached to the undersurface of the black peg on the tonearm that comes in contact with the lift platform.

I haven't used the disks, since I discovered that once I cleared the edge of the record (manually), the lift arm worked fine.

I suspect that the lift wasn't designed for the Mk.V platter, which is quite thick.
Thanks guys for your help. With Rwd's helpful hint I did find the hex screw. Since I had purchased this table used I did not get any of the tools that must come along with a new one. I had seen the hex screw but wasn't sure if I should be messing with it. This is my first high end table so I was a bit nervous about what I could be messing with and what I should leave alone. :) Feiwell, I also have my lift all the way up in order for my catridge (Grado Sonata) to clear the record. Anyway, I appreciate the help and any other helpful hints that Aries owners may have are always appreciated. I am a new owner and enjoy hearing from other Aries owners.