upgrade from JMW 10 to 10.5 fpr my VPI Aries 1

I have a VPI Aries 1. I wonder if there are obvious improvement for upgrading my JMW 10 to 10.5i.
Any experience to share is highly welcome.

Also, are there any discussion on comparing
Aries 3 (w/10.5i) & HRX (w/12.7).

I don't think going to 10.5 will add the much of an improvement. I'll expalin. I have an Aries I, with a 10.5 arm, clearaudio Victory H. Early this year I purchased another Aries with 12.0 arm, Benz MC 2. I fed the 12 into the same parts of my system. The 10.5 still sounded better. If you want to get real improvement best to go to the HRX, 12.7 arm, super platter. SDS is always a must.
There was only a very small improvement when I went from a 9 Sig. to the 10.5i. In addition to the SDS, and the heavy platter...the best improvement comes with the rim drive.
Are you thinking about the 10.5 or the 10.5i? As noted in the VPI site, the 10.5I is a longer arm and its armtube is not compatible with the 10.0 or 10.5 base. At least the base would have to be repositioned. The 10.5 armtube IS compatible with the 10.0 base. Some time ago, VPI offered a good deal ($300) for a 10.5 armtube if you sent the 10.0 armtube inexchange. I did this, and the 10.5 armtube was quite an improvement sonically. So yes, if you can find one of these armtubes, you will enjoy the results, IMO. Dave
It's possible to upgrade from 10 to 10.5i- confirmed by VPI. Yes, adjustment is needed on the arm board.
It's certainly possible to upgrade in the sense of buying an entirely new arm, just that the 10.5i armtube will not work with the l0.0 base, or so says the VPI website.

Thanks for your message,
VPI told me that they will replace my old 10 arm with a new 10.5i arm. Therefore I expect the armtube will be changed and, according to your experience, there should be an improvement, right ? Kim
If you're ending up with a whole new arm, then yes it should be a substantial upgrade. Good luck, Dave
Yes. I just received a whole new 10.5i arm from VPI.
Let's hope there is a substantial improvement.
Thanks everyone and Mike at VPI.
How did the upgrade work out? I'm considering the same upgrade.