Are You running Sonic Frontiers Power 3 amps

What speakers and equipment are you using? I am looking for new speakers ideas. Also equipment, cables and tubes would be welcome.
I loved them with Apogee Duettas. In fact, it was a SF demo that sold me on Apogees.

What a coincident that I am also running the SF with Apogee Duetta Signature. I actually use a Power 2 and a pair of Power 3 to active biamp my D. Sig, which has been updated with all new ribbons by Graz in Australia.
I am currently running a pair of Sonic Frontiers Power 3 driving Maggie 3.6.
The front end is either a Linn LP12 or a Tentlabs CD player which use Audio Note output stage.
The sound is fantastic; when comparing to McIntosh set up driving Wilson Puppy (the total prices combined are more than $150,000). Yet, the Sonic Frontiers Power 3s are the best amplifiers I can think of. It is the power to drive the Maggies; it just make them sing.
The Sonic Frontiers are exceedingly neutral and they will sound exactly like whatever are in front of them.
Just exactly like in Computer, garbage in and garbage out.
The Sonic Frontiers Power 3s are the SSE+ version which had been upgraded.