Are those B65 versions of the 6NS7 tube worth it?

I've read that some people worship this version. Thanks.
This is a listing I found:
NOS 1950's Mullard/Osram CV1988 B65 6SN7GT metal base military tube * Rare *
They are so rare in fact that I think there are very few who can even tell you what a B65 sounds like. There are a few Made in Great Britain 6SN7 equivalents which are called B65s but are not the Marconi Osram product. I have some of those like the Brimar CV1988 which has a brown base and black glass. They are outstanding and worth it my eyes but these 6SN7GTYs which they are also called are about $240/Pr.
There are ECC32 and 33s which are sometimes available with ST Bottles and you can read about them at Tubeworld a comercial tube seller's site. They are plenty expensive but still half that of the B65. The only B65 I know of is one on Ebay which has been for sale for a very long time with a singlet at $699 or roughly $1400/pr I just couldn't imagine pulling the trigger on that kind of money myself, when there are so many other super sounding 6SN7s for so much less. One thing to take into account is that there are good sounding and pretty awful sounding examples of the same tube. I know I own a couple of pairs of the highly touted Tung Sol round plates that demonstrate this.
Whether anything is worth it depends on what you personally value and your purposes. For a collector maybe but for listening I would try some of the more accessible highly regarded 6SN7s which are expensive enough without going totally insane. What have you tried? Have you exhausted the more readily available ones? There is another unusual 6SN7 equivalent from Sweden the SV33-- I forget but it shows up at a consumately expensive.
3.5 years later  the answer no not any exotic 6SN7 I have tried so far, no B65s but a number of made in Great Britain tubes types.  My headphone amp's sound  seems to be a product of the power tubes,  I have a pure 6SN7 pre amp which really conveys the qualities of the tube.  We will see some day I hope.
I have one, if anyone is interested. I've just joined Audiogon. My father left me quite a collection of tubes (valves) dating back to the 1930's but most being in that wonderful late 1950's to early 1970's range.

The Marconi B65 I have is stamped FM 4, has a metal base and tests 100%. I'm not sure of it's origin but it may have been salvaged from a pretty high-end audio amplifier. From the tests we have done it has plenty of life.

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