Are there any balanced electronic X-over's?

I am thinking of going with an active cross over but everything in my system is balanced and I would only do it if I could get a balanced crossover with XLR inputs and outputs. Are there any units like this available? Thanks in advance for any help
The Bryston 10B comes in a balanced version.
Pass Labs has a very functional and affordable balanced/SE unit called the XRV. Nelson Pass has been doing active crossovers for a long time. I believe all the Threshold units were from his mind. Here is the link:
Probably for less money you could get a Marchand just the way you like it. My XM9 2-way (balanced only, 250Hz, 24 db) is sold (so far). The frequency modules are very cheap, if you want to experiment. Go on their site ( and check them out. I'm enjoying my XM44-3 which came single ended AND balanced. A nice touch.
Krell also made one for a while called the KBX..It's hard to find...
While we are on the subject of active crossovers, does anyone have any experience with Rane AC 23B Active Crossovers? I am in need of a good active crossover for a two way speaker and dual subwoofer setup I am working on.
Thanks I think the pass is what I would be looking for!
Re: Krell KBX

Last I heard Krell still makes the KBX, but since it is a specialty item, they have chosen not to advertise. Call the factory.

If you find one used, Krell will customise it for your speakers for a mere $200. ..... and this is one great x-over!

Richard (a happy owner)
Think the Pass also comes in kit form at a major price drop if you so inclined.
hmmm, they don't want you to like build the boards do they? I could handle a basic kit construction- besides it may be fun!