Are Pass Labs amps probably the best ever you can buy ?

I have about 15k to spend on an amp/preamp/integrated amp.

I mostly listen to smooth jazz like Dave Koz, Rippingtons, Brian Culbertson etc.... and loud.

I have yet to hear any amp that comes close to Pass Labs.

Your experiences pls ?
You should give very serious regard to the Octave MRE 220 with the Super Black Boxes.  They will easily best the Pass Labs
I grew up with JBL Century L100s and I am very close to getting either JBL S3900 or JBL S4700.

They are not talked of much in these threads but I have a thing for JBLs :-)
@cakyol see if you can audition and compare to Jbl 4367. I think you’ll be surprised how much better the 4367 can perform compared to the other speakers in the synthesis range.
What to do with their gear is in their name: Pass.
I had my choices down to two integrated amps, I passed on the PASS INT 250 after hearing the T+A 2500R integrated. It just did everything better and looked better. Even though I really liked it,  I was able to trade the 2500R for their higher end T+A PA300HV Integrated which was used. Outstanding amp for the money, in an entirely different league than the PASS. I recently heard the new Luxman integrated driving the new Wilson Audio Sasha DAW’s...killer amp. I would take the new Luxman or a T+A amp any day over the PASS int 250.