Are Meridian Pre-Amps Awful or Something?

I was looking around a pre-amps and, while Meridian's digital gear seems to be generally well regarded and exhaustively discussed, there is almost no discussion of Meridian pre-amps on the 'gon. Are the Meridian preamps the red-haired stepchild of the Meridian line?

The reason I ask is because I'm in the midst of making one of my rigs more fiancee friendly, which means going from tubes to solid state and infrared remotes to RS232 control. The Meridian G-02 seems to be spec'd out well, but there seems to be a disconcerting lack of Meridian pre-amp discussion historically. What am I missing? I do recognize every component can't be discussed, but yikes... its not just the G-02, can't find much on any other Meridian pre's either.

Right now the system is pretty much all digital sources--computer/CD/DVD/CATV -> a dCS Purcell/Delius combo -> ARC LS16 Mk II -> ARC VT-100 Mk IIIs -> Proac RS3.8s. I was going to swap the VT100s for a pair of D240s I've got, but the pre is a ?. I'd like comparability to the LS16 acoustically, balanced operation, and RS232 control...
They are the most 'or something' pre-amps I have never heard...
I have a Meridian 502 Pre-amp.In fact all sources are Meridian. Great Review in Stereophile and Hi-Fi Magazines.
Meridian is:

A triumph of marketing over performance
A high end boutique version of Bose
In bed with the hopelessly corrupt Stereophile
Dated in its styling
And pseudo scientific re the state of digital audio

But these are just my impressions, and I could be wrong.
You will find very few instances of Meridian preamps being used in mixed systems driving non-Meridian power amps. The control options are excellent, but the sound doesn't warrant the cost. What's wrong with the LS16? Sound comparable to it with RS232 control is an elusive combination. I'm trying to think of something worth considering....

The LS16 would be about the only control element I couldn't access via RS232. Think my only options would be to upgrade my old Theta Casablanca to III status and get the upgrade to Xtreme DACs or go with something like a Levinson preamp. Nothing really seems to fit. What I really need is an RS232 volume control/preamp for a single line. I'm probably not a market unto myself, however.
man you got some good gear ,before i would replace my gear ,i would get a new fiancee.teach new one not to ever touch works with my kids
I kinda like her tho'...

B'sides, this way the big tube amps go into my study with my Proac RS2s, the LS5 Mk III, the PH3SE and the turntable. :)
Try discussing it here:

meridian does not make any awful products. They do have a unique synergy when together as a system, but all the products in the line stand on their own merit. I use a G91 as my primary disk player and as a pre-amp for my clear audio magnum turtable/balance phono stage. I'm also a dealer if you want to buy one. Your choice of color $2750us
Its late to comment on this one but, Meridian in fact is very very good! about the guy compering it with a BOSE marketing triumph, I guess he just dont know any better! Silly... The best audiophiles active speakers in the world, dvd co-developer and so on... and what about the specs on the pre amps? dual mono since the 502, mm&mc opt, THD -0.01, 7 inputs 3 xlr, programmable too. So i guess that is the Bose thing with Cwlondon
The "Bose thing" is about the worst thing you could say in audiphile circles, fighting words:)
It's a good question. You have two kinds of Meridian customers - those that buy the CD/DVD players based on Meridian's reputation, and those that buy their active speakers and along with them some electronics, like the G-91 or other player with a built in preamp. I would suppose it is a small majority that has purchased the 502 or G02 and partnering 2 channel amplifiers for their systems. That's probably why there are few reviews, other than Sue Kraft's review of all of the components in the Absloute Sound when they came out. I have heard they discontinued these products. Not sure. But I agree - it would be nice to get a good review of the preamp from someone who has used it in a mixed system.
Jimmy there is a great review,

I like it, I feel/think the same way about the preamp, hope you like it!
Meridian make very good cd players
I have one
Vernneal, what cd player do you have?
Meridian equipment is very well made and sounds great. I have enjoyed their equipment for many years and still do.

If I were looking for input about Meridian products I would not be asking here, I do not mean to offend anyone at this forum BTW.
The place to ask is The people are very helpful and for the most part can answer most any question you or anyone else may have.
If you are asking differences between Meridian and other equipment then either location will work and I would also think the other site would tend to favor Meridian over other equipment.
Hevac1 I agree with you...