Are cracked speaker cabinets repairable?

My daughter bless her heart, recently knocked over one of
my Spendor sp23's. Denting a top edge, and creating a 5 inch long crack on the front top side. I am wondering if it is worth the expense, and is it possible to fix the dings without further causing damage. The drivers seem to be fine so far and the cabinets themselves are not vibrating. Has anyone ever experienced this, and what have you done. I imagine I will live with it if I cannot find a remedy.
contact the best furniture restorer in you vicinity and get an estimate. the damage is almost certainly reparable. you'll need to decide for yourself whether it's worth doing. -cfb
If you're comfortable with taking the speaker apart then I say go for it because you'll want to make sure the repair fills the entire crack. You may want to contact Spendor to see what they recommend that's compatible.

I am not a furniture repairman but having the kids knock stuff over (in addition to my contributions) I have repaired my fair share of wood products. About 8 or 9 years ago my boy climbed in the top dresser drawer & it fell out, breaking the corner off. I bought some Durham's Water Putty on the advise of a friend who worked at the best hardware store in town & made the repair. I just went & looked at it & it's like the day I made the repair. Only thing is you have to mix your color in with the patch.
You also did not mention finish, makes a little difference. I would suggest what Cornfedboy is telling you, but I will tell you a large enough clamp or a way to apply the pressure and wood glue will fix the crack. If they are black finish, I would suggest this would be a good time to learn how to veneer(not that hard really, done it a couple of times now.) or again, have it done. Simple to fill the dent in, especially if you veneer.
Being into woodworking as much as audio, I have made my fair share of repairs. Cracks are always repairable, it just depends on how much work you want to put into it, or how much you want to pay someone to do it. Durham's Water putty does do a great job. Like the above had mentioned. I wasn't really sure if the crack had gone through the cabinet, or if it was just on the outside. I think more than anything, I would be concerned with whether or not there was an air leak in the crack. If so, I wouldn't use water putty to seal it back up. I'm not real familiar with the spendor line, but I would almost be tempted to pull the cracked piece out and install a new side. Either way, I'm sure you can come up with a fix that will keep you listening.
Agree with Driver, contact Mike or Randy at the distributor, QSandD (800-659-3711). They are nice guys, and do repairs on site.

You could try emailing them a couple of pics to get at least a preliminary cost estimate, although you will probably have to ship them to Maryland (I think) to get a firm price. The 2/3s aren't too large, so shipping shouldn't be bad.

The preliminary estimate will give you an idea of whether it's worth repairing. They will send you a shipping carton if you didn't save yours.