Are benchmark and Maggie 1.6 a good combination?

I am going to upgrade my speaker to Maggie 1.6, and I want to know if the Benchmark DAC1 is a good company for Maggie 1.6? Thanks for your input?
Match your speakers to an amplifier and cable. Relatively speaking the DAC/speaker pairing just isn't as important.
My amp is DK VSII, is it a good match with benchmark DAC or Arcam CD73T CDP?
Sorry, my amp is DK VS.1 MKII.
Mamzh, your going to love your MG 1.6's their great speakers and one of the true "bargains" in highend audio. They will be fine with the Benchmark DAC, however you might want to consider the Bel Canto DAC II, I have heard both DACS with the MG 1.6's and found that the Bel Canto had everything the Benchmark had plus more warmth/smoothness to my ear's, either way you can't go wrong. Have fun!