Speaker cables for Focal Electra 1008be and Hegel combination. Supra Ply 3.4/S?

Hi everyone,

I recently got a pair of Focal Electra 1008be. I will probably get an Hegel H160 or H360.

I currently have QED silver anniversary XT cables. I was thinking of replacing them with something better. I did some research, i was considering purchasing Supra Ply 3.4/S cables. Would you recommend pairing Supra Ply 3.4/S with Focal and Hegel ? Or maybe some other cable brand/model would be better ?

Somewhat budget friendly recommendations would be awesome. :D Thanks!
While I do not have experience with the Focal's or the Hegel, I do recommend and use Supra Ply speaker cables. I do prefer the 3.4 over the 3.4/S (shielded) as I found them a bit more revealing..
Any Transparent cable will give you a far more musical portrayal of your favorite material.  I have the Kanta No.2’s and they came alive when I received my Transparent Ultra Gen 5 cables:). They will make you re-think what is possible in home audio reproduction!
For cabeling I would try these very reasonably priced.


As for amplification I would jump on this from experience those Focals sound magnificent when driven with Pass class A power. No Affiliation with the seller of the Pass Labs amp.


@czbbcl I would like to get a class A amp. However, one of the uses cases will be using the amp with AVR's pre out for watching movies. So, looking for a integrated amp with ht bypass feature. Even if Class A would have that feature, or i can get a Preamp with that feature and use class a power amp such as Pass Int60. Then my main worry will be all the wasted energy and generated heat.

Heavily leaning towards Hegel H360 right now. Got it for home demo. Will try it until saturday and swap it with something else on Saturday.

I will be checking the dyson audio speakers. Afraid of the silver coated cables, read that it brightens the sound, Focals are quite bright already, Hegel tames it a bit. But price wise, it sounds very reasonable.
Yes the Focals can sound bright or etched depending on the amplification being used and is why I recommended using a Pass ss class A amp with them. I currently drive a pair of 1008Be's with Pass xa100.5 mono-blocs and a Pass xp20 pre. This was an upgrade from a Pass INT 30A both amps sound very smooth and detailed. The amp before the Pass was a Cary SLI-80 Tube Interated it sound very nice as well not bright or etched. The Pass INT30A was superior in the way it drove the speakers all across the audio spectrum.
I use all Silver cabling both Interconects and speaker and do not find silver harsh or etched. When I used a ss A/B design I always found I was looking for ways to tame the tweeters as they were too bright. 

Have been trying Hegel H360 with Focals for the 2 days. Listened to many genres of music at many different volume levels.

- So very musical sound.
- Musicalness is still there if not enhanced at lower volumes. I assume this has to do with the zero feedback designs and minimal distortion at low volumes. This is a huuuge benefit for me. I listen to music at night mostly and living in an apartment.
- Very full and rounded sound.
- More power than I will ever need.

- A little bit overly musical. Jazz sounds amazing. However with electronic music, that uplifting energic feeling gets blurred out somewhat. No music gives me chills, regardless of the volume. Thinking if this might be the room or the speaker cables.
- Not the best looking device by any means.
- Terrible location of on/off button (under the device). No remote on/off possibility.

Also it might be my imagination, but amp feels like it starts to sound better after 2-3 hours of being on and working. It feels as if it starts having less crossover distortion, allowing quieter passages to come out easier. Might be purely my imagination though. :D

@czbbcl How does the electronic music sound on your speakers ? Or Metal, etc.. Do you also get a rounded sound ? I am wondering if it is because of the speakers themselves..?
I listen primarily to large symphonic works as well as chamber music and solo piano some female jaz vocals. The metal music I have and listen to on rare occasions is Slipknot, Korn, Skillet and My Chemical Romance also enjoy Nirvna. The only short coming of the speakers is their inability to reach deeply into the low frequencie range as one would expect given their size, however for what they are they do an admirable job. Patricia Barber on half speed master vinyl is simply stunning. The metal bands mentioned above sound very good given the limitations of the speakers low fequency response. The most I can say is that the speakers do not add to any distortion outside of what the instruments/musicians are creating/playing.

Some say that class A topology can sound slow and sluggish which maybe true but Focal speakers are fast clean and detailed and along with the silver cabeling sound fantastic. 

Good Luck in your decision making.

I’m running Focal 1008be2’s with Supra 3.4s and primaluna dialogue Premium integrated.
I like the combo. Smooth, and full, not harsh.

I just picked up some interconnects from Audio Sensibility, and my next expnditure is for their testament speaker wire. The interconnects are great. And the speaker cable is supposed to have the same qualities. More air and bigger and taller soundstage without harshness. 

They  have a  discount now till end of April. 
Looking at the Audio Sensibility web site now and I don't see anything about a discount.  Where did you get that info?  Thanks.
Mr Mahul does not care about wires as long as it is copper and large enough... Why should you?
I just installed an already broken in pair of AS Testament single run cables and it was a marked improvement over the monster Z1 series 2 that I was using.
I also have a new pair of AS Statement SE ICs coming which shoud remove even more grunge from the signal.
Not a cable expert whatsoever but think these are a pretty good deal for the $ invested.
Got the AS Testament cables in and they seem to have taken a veil off of the music. I can hear nuances like breathing that were just noise before , are now discernible. A bit of the smoothness, which I’m realizing now was just blurring, is gone.  A much better cable better depth and width, and extension on both sides of the frequency range. Really enjoying them.