Are audiophiles still out of their minds?

I've been in this hobby for 30 years and owned many gears throughout the years, but never that many cables.  I know cables can make a difference in sound quality of your system, but never dramatic like changing speakers, amplifiers, or even more importantly room treatment. Yes, I've evaluated many vaunted cables at dealers and at home over the years, but never heard dramatic effect that I would plunk $5000 for a cable. The most I've ever spent was $2700 for pair of speaker cables, and I kinda regret it to this day.  So when I see cable manufacturers charging 5 figures for their latest and "greatest" speaker cables, PC, and ICs, I have to ask myself who buys this stuff. Why would you buy a $10k+ cable, when there are so many great speakers, amplifiers, DACs for that kind of money, or room treatment that would have greater effect on your systems sound?  May be I'm getting ornery with age, like the water boy says in Adam Sandler's movie.
Say what dracula Dude!!
Ear candle? I’m younger than all you old farts. I’m like a bat and hear beyond 40kHz! 

Are $10K speaker cables worth it?

Like many things in life, IME, the answer is "it depends."
....*LOL*.....Yup, "it depends..."  Depth of wallet, tenacity, sheer 'IMHO' (spoken with gritted teeth, pounding the keys), and any variable one wants to prod, skewer, or merely tease the viewer(s) with.

Hi, Geo....*G*  Some things never change, huh? ;)

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