Arcams's New Diva Series Players

I just finished checking the Arcam website and the players look impressive. Are they replacing the Alpha series, looks like the CD72 would replace the 7SE or 8SE and the CD92 the Alpha 9. Anyone heard one yet??
Mike, I haven't heard them yet but have seen them in person at dealter recently - In black, they look as good or better than the FMJ23. For what its worth, one of the british mags(What Hi Fi, i believe) gave the 72(the 7se replacement) a rave review this month. Of course they've got to sound good - I'm going try to give a listen this weekend and will post any meaningful impressions.
Prfont: Thanks, look forward to hearing about your audition. Has the Alpha series been discontinued?? I read on another thread that the CD72 falls somewhere in between the 7SE and the 8SE and is of course upgradeable to the CD92. Besides not having the HDCD capability of the 8SE, I wonder if your dealer would know what else is different. If you could find out, I would appreciate it, thanks again.
Does the 72 have 24/96 chip? I think a dealer in town carries Arcam, might take a look. Glad they changed the look, never liked the Alphas casework. Its a shame to be put off by appearance when something sounds good.