ARCAM DV137 fix firm ware, help

I just purchased a DV137 player with a bad version of firm ware. The prior owner went to AVS Forum and uploaded a 5 series version. Now the player skips on picture playback, cd playback is fine. I'm looking to restore the original 4.12 version w/o sending unit back to a dealer or Arcam. My friend found the correct 4.12 firmware and burned a dvd but the player will not read the dvd. If anyone has successfully restored the original firm ware please contact me. I could use some help. Worse case is that I purchased a cd player, less dvd playback.
Have you been to this site?:

I downloaded the 4.12 version a while back and haven't had any problems. There is mention of using this file to go backwards from 5.06 version (which they don't offer as a download) due to problems, so you are probably not alone. I have not had to correct a corrupt firmware problem so I can't help, but I think these guys would be the ones to help. You can also check the release notes, there may be something in there but I couldn't get the file to open for me. Let us know if you solve the problem!
Pmotz - My friend is helping me with this and has more experience with fixing computer related issues but admittedly is not a computer geek. He down loaded all the 4.12 version files and then burned a DVD. Did same but this time burned to a CD. Neither of these are readable by the DV137. As you noted these files can not be opened as stored on his hard drive either. So close yet so far. Very frustrating!!! I'm sure someone has figured this out.
Update - Issue has been resolved. Chris(aka Crustyloafer) reposted are correct version of the 4.12 firmware on AV My friend Jon down loaded files and burned cd and then uploaded cd contents to DV137 player. Display window on player now indicates version 4.12. So far player works fine and picture does not freeze/skip as was occurring with version 5.06. Thanks to Jon and Chris for their help.