Looking for new universal player/Arcam DV137?

I currently have a Sony DVP9000ES in an all Classe CA201, SSP25 and B&W CDM9nt system. I am looking to change the Sony piece for a CD,DVD, SACD player that will upsample for 1080i.
I am willing to spend around $1500. I was thinking about the Arcam DV137. I know it may be a little more than I want to spend, but I think it will be a better 2 channel CD player. I don't really have the room for separate CD and DVD players. Any suggestion or feedback on the arcam
How about a Denon 5910? You should be able to pick up a non "Ci" version for less than $1500.
Thanks. Looks expensive. Did not see any for $1500 on a quick search. How would the 2ch CD sound of the Denon be compared to like an Arcam?
Arcam is a fantastic choice. It is a monster player as well as a movie source. You really cant go wrong with Arcam when it comes to DVD or CD.
If you like Sony, you may want to look at the DVP-NS9100ES. I have one and it is capable of upsampling to 1080i. I have a Sony "HD" crt tv with 720p resolution (I think). Anyway, the picture through component video is excellent and the player supports HDMI. They are pretty cheap used, usually around 450.
Thanks everyone for the response. I know they will all do a fine video job, but I am also very concerned about 2ch audio playback (redbook CD). As I mentioned earlier, I am space limited and really can't do 2 boxes. I saw the Arcam is using Wolfasn Dac's and the Denon 3930 is using Burr-Brown dac's. Which one is a better audio player? I am guessing the Arcam? I don't know much about the difference in Wolfson vs Burr-Brown?
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Agreed about the PS Audio DL III. I owned the benchmark for the past few years and loved it before I let it go thinking it was going to be a wise choice. I decided to give the PS audio a shot, and man o man... what a piece. Not saying the Benchmark was junk by any means. Just warmer and detailed vs HIGHLY DETAILED. Cant beat the upsampling as well....
Personally, I bought a fully modded Oppo from Reference Audio Mods for that amount, and I'm thrilled with its two channel performance.
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Thanks Bob. Hearing that from an owner who has both Denon and Arcam means a lot. I will check out the reviews.
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