Arcam DV 137 vs. Denon DVD 3910

Hi everyone my pioneer elite vsx 27tx receiver died last week, so rather than repairing it I decided to buy the Arcam AVR 300, it was a NOS unit and the price was great.
So now I am debating replacing my Denon dvd 3910 to the Arcam dv 137. So my question is, will I notice a big difference in video and audio ? or are they pretty well a
close run? I may only get $400.00 for my Denon and the Arcam is close to $2000.00 after taxes are included. I would rather save the $1600.00 if I can.
I think it's a wash. I've heard at a friend's house an old Denon CD player and it really blows away my 3K Arcam DVD player. Don't know why. But that's the reality. Now, Krell is a diffent story. But the Krell Showcase is close to $5 (with HDMI) and Standard if 8K.
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Thanks guys I will take your advice.
As per Denon's web site the Denon 3930ci has HDCD.
Get a used 3930 here at agon and send it to The Upgrade Company to be modded. This way you get the best of all worlds, Denon reliability (built like a tank, compare chassis to arcam!), Denon video quality, and sound quality upgraded to close to state of art (or at least to 4k-5k dvps). I just got a used 3930ci from Dave at upgrade co and, although it's not yet broken in, i must say the SQ is amazing. I'm hearing details, textures, that I've never heard before. I know I'm sounding like a shill, but i really am impressed with the result, and it was from people here at agon that I got the idea in the first place, so I'm sharing my experience. I was scared to death that i wasn't going to like it and was all set to buy a used Esoteric dv50 or dv60 for alot more money, but I took the risk. Very happy with my decision. Just my two cents. Good luck, don't think you'll be unhappy with any of your choices.
I agree with JeffKad, the upgrade company does great work and Dave is a very knowledgeable and nice guy, I have an upgraded 3910 and it is just awesome
agree with both Kedoades and JeffKad. I think I'll settle with my TUC 3930ci for a long time.

I compared it to a stock 3910, the amount of energy, air and detail is just day and night ...

And David's customer service is just unmatched.