Arcam DV 137 vs. Denon DVD 3910

Hi everyone my pioneer elite vsx 27tx receiver died last week, so rather than repairing it I decided to buy the Arcam AVR 300, it was a NOS unit and the price was great.
So now I am debating replacing my Denon dvd 3910 to the Arcam dv 137. So my question is, will I notice a big difference in video and audio ? or are they pretty well a
close run? I may only get $400.00 for my Denon and the Arcam is close to $2000.00 after taxes are included. I would rather save the $1600.00 if I can.
I think it's a wash. I've heard at a friend's house an old Denon CD player and it really blows away my 3K Arcam DVD player. Don't know why. But that's the reality. Now, Krell is a diffent story. But the Krell Showcase is close to $5 (with HDMI) and Standard if 8K.
Save the money. I owned an Arcam FMJ CD23T for several years and I now own a Denon 3910. The AL24 processing in the Denon is very enjoyable and it is very close to my ears to the CD23T with standard CDs (the CD23T having a little more weight to the sonics). With HDCDs I think they are indistinguishable. As far as video is concerned, I'd be surprised if the Arcam comes close to the Denon. Read the 3910 review over at where they use the HQV Benchmark test DVD. I wouldn't buy a DVD player without knowing how it performs on that test disc. If you want to spend some money then pick up the Denon 3930ci -- it nails the HQV test DVD -- doesn't have HDCD decoding though as I recall.
Thanks guys I will take your advice.
As per Denon's web site the Denon 3930ci has HDCD.
Get a used 3930 here at agon and send it to The Upgrade Company to be modded. This way you get the best of all worlds, Denon reliability (built like a tank, compare chassis to arcam!), Denon video quality, and sound quality upgraded to close to state of art (or at least to 4k-5k dvps). I just got a used 3930ci from Dave at upgrade co and, although it's not yet broken in, i must say the SQ is amazing. I'm hearing details, textures, that I've never heard before. I know I'm sounding like a shill, but i really am impressed with the result, and it was from people here at agon that I got the idea in the first place, so I'm sharing my experience. I was scared to death that i wasn't going to like it and was all set to buy a used Esoteric dv50 or dv60 for alot more money, but I took the risk. Very happy with my decision. Just my two cents. Good luck, don't think you'll be unhappy with any of your choices.
I agree with JeffKad, the upgrade company does great work and Dave is a very knowledgeable and nice guy, I have an upgraded 3910 and it is just awesome
agree with both Kedoades and JeffKad. I think I'll settle with my TUC 3930ci for a long time.

I compared it to a stock 3910, the amount of energy, air and detail is just day and night ...

And David's customer service is just unmatched.