ARC SP16 versus SP9 Mk III?

I'm surprised at the lack of postings on the new ARC SP16, pro or con. I wonder, though, if anyone can comment on the relative sound of the unit compared to their last moderately priced with phono unit, the SP9 Mk III. I've used both an SP9 Mk II and Mk III, and while liking it/them in general over the years, have always found it a bit hard (or "white") in the upper midrange when matched with first an ARC D200 and presently an ARC 100.2. The Mk III ameliorates this to a degree, but less than I'd like. Soundstage and Ken Kessler have both raved about the SP16, but John Crossett's frame of reference was the SP6, while Kessler compares the SP16 to a "missing link" between the SP8 and SP10 on the one hand, and the LS25 and Reference preamps on the other. This sounds good to me: implies that the SP16 (which I heard briefly in the context of an unfamiliar system) might share the good elements of classic ARC sound while jettisoning the qualities with which I'm restive in the SP9. Comments, from ARC fans or dealers?

Hello, I have a SP9 MK III that has been totally upgraded by Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound that I would be hard pressed to better. You are right about the original sound of the Sp 9, and a simple upgrade of the power supply will cure that thin etched sound. I am not good at writing a review so I suggest that you contact Steve if you have questions.
Hello Par3n1, The upgrade on the SP-9,what did they do,what was the cost?? Thanks, Lonewolfny42