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time to change tt's
Thanks to all who posted the valuble info, insights etc. My system has served me trouble and allowed me the luxury of enjoying the music. I just replaced the ac motor with the new dc motor so I am looking to freshen thing up. With the info you hav... 
time to change tt's
Good point Raul. I have been told that real advantages are associated with a table that has no suspension. With that said do you have any suggestions for an arm?Richard 
time to change tt's
I really would like to know more about the classic. How about the accoustic solid? thanksRichard 
time to change tt's
Have you guys listened to the classic. I don't know if the arm will go yet. I will purchase something before I part with my current tt. Thanks for the response. Richard 
origin live silver or???
Does the counterweight (expressimo) for a rb250 fit the silver?? Thanks 
definition please
Origin DC Motor in LP12: Marketing or reality?
please excuse my ignorance but what is PRAT ?Thanks 
VPI Scout or Michell Technodec?
bmckenney, thanks for the input. I'll keep you posted on the pedersen mods. 
VPI Scout or Michell Technodec?
Hello, I have played with the springs however when I reached a point of satisfaction I left well enough alone.Gert Pedersen suggests that the plinth mod makes a great deal of difference so much so that he suggest that I stay with the qc and ac mot... 
VPI Scout or Michell Technodec?
Bmckenney,I own a gyro se and have be looking into the Gert Pedersen mods addressing resonance. Do you know anything about them? Sounds real interesting, although a bit pricy. 8to900 $$$$$$$$$. Par3n1 
Identifying Blue Note
Hello, I suggest that this album was first released in 1959 with a deep groove. The address was w 63rd st NY. The second pressing was released in 1963 with the ny address. The goldmine price guide to jazz has an adequate discography section. The d... 
Record sleeves?
Hello, I am a long time user of the vrp sleeves and used to purchase them from music direct however they no longer sell them and now sell the mofi sleeves. I purchased a 100 of them and have to say I will not purchase any more, they are the same p... 
Vandy 2 signature upgrade question
Hello, go to the Vandy site and you'll find the answer. 
any one know about Amperex el34 fatboy tubes
Hello, Albert, what is the cost of the Mullards and where can they be purchased?? Thanks 
Best bargain ARC tube pre amp around a grand
Hello, Steve at Great Northern Sound did all the mods necessary to bring my SP9 MKIII up to reference standards and I am really pleased with the results. I did these mods in two stages due to $$$$$ and listened to the unit without any mods, then p...