ARC LS16 vs LS2 MK2

How do they compare? I can buy a LS16 linestage, but cannot try before buying. I like my LS2 and am wondering if the LS16 will bring more. I would like more resolution and detail.

Bryston 4bsst
Thiel cs2.4
Kimber Hero cables
I had been a long time user of the LS2B Mk 2 and basically tried just about 80% of all the 6DJ8/6922/7308 tube types available under the sun. My system did not change too much for about 8 years.

I had changed quite a bit with my system in the past 2 years, first w/ the preamp to an LS-25 Mk I (completed modded by GNSC), then my amp from Mark Levinson #333 to Pass X350.5, then speakers from Thiel 3.6 to Verity Parisfal Encore, then all interconnects and speaker cables from MIT to Synergistic Research.

Would I undo any of those changes. No. But it took me forever to make those decisions back then with the same concerns you have. It's one of those things. If you don't hear it, you won't know what you are missing. I was pretty happy with my system before. But every time I made a change (not saying random changes but carefully decided ones), I was awe struck with the improvements.

The LS-16 and LS-25 came out around the same time. You will definitely hear an improvement. You probably won't even need to do the A-B-A test to tell the difference. The difference between LS-16 and LS2 Mk II may not be as big as what I had heard with mine, but you will realize that the technology has surpassed LS2 Mk II by quite a margin. As good as LS 2 Mk II was, It's been what, 15 to 20 years since its introduction?

Besides the usual suspects of removing a veil, bigger and deeper soundstage, more detail, better image, etc., the most memorable improvement that I remembered noticing within the first minute was the deeper and bigger bass.

I made a mistake in my previous post. It should read SP16L instead of LS16.
Alot of folks think that because something is newer that its better. Not true in this case!I had a chance to "A" -"B" these two pieces with a good friend of mine. I.M.H.O. (and my friends)the LS 2 MK II was much better than the "16". The salesman bent over backwards trying to sell me the "16" but finaly admitted he thought the LS 2 was a better piece. You miye also notice alot of ARC 15's and 16's up for sale. Why? Its all in the ear of the beholder. Can you take the LS 2 to were the "16" is and compare? Try that if you can. Take the LS 2 to a ARC dealer and compare them. Good Luck!
While I liked my SP16L at the time, the lack of fine volume adjustment drove me crazy. The steps (actually 1/2 steps) between volume points are too great. I sold mine and bought a used Modwright. Solved the problem and the Modwright was just a far better preamp from top to bottom. Much more resolving with greater extension and slam than the Arc.