aragon 8008x3 one channel not working

I bought brand new aragon 8008x3 3 channel from ebay 10 days ago.Yeaterday one of the channel has no sound.I can't find any problem.If anybody have idea what happened please help.Thank you very much.
Did you check the fuse for that channel? Also if you have this for center or rear channels, mahe sure they are turned on in your pre/pro menu. Check your cable's also by swapping them around.
I did check the fuse for the amp.but i don't know how to check the fuse for that channel.I checked the cables and connectors and swaped those around too.But didn't work.In the back of the amp that is only one fuse I can find.Thank you
If the unit is brand new, I would send it or take it in for repair. There is more than likely a fuse for each channel under the cover, you may not want to pop the cover on a new unit, call aragon and ask first. The fuse on the back may be the fuse for ac line only.
Thank you very much for your help.You are right, that was fuses for that channel under the cover and I replaced them.Unit is working now.Thanks again.Have a good day,