Aragon 4004mkII vs 8008BB

Hey, anyone compared these two amps? They are rated similarly, but i wondered if there was much improvement with the 8008BB. If anyone has any experience with both i'd like to hear it. Also if you have heard an amp at the same price point that beats it i'd be curious to hear about that as well.
There was a lot of "In press" discussion on these two. I really don't think in absolute terms the 8008 series is "Better" than the older 4004 mkII. Both amps are similiarly constructed and it is in the highs where the 8008 is said to differ. Some reviewers thought it wasn't as good, others as good. I always liked the 4004 mkII with Vandersteens but never thought it sounded as good as the similiar McCormack amps (especially the DNA .5)
The 4004 series has some age on them now. It would probably be a close call between them at this point even though I never warmed up to the 8008.
I owned both amps and the 8008BB blows away the 4004MII. It has better bass control, smoother highs and a wider soundstage. I sold my 4004 about 4 years ago. Right now I am using my 8008BB to bi-amp my center channel in my HT rig (Use Aragon Palladium Monos for l/r, SAR MOS400 for rears ). Let me sum it up for you: They'll pry my 8008BB from my cold, dead hands!
We all share in your enthusiasm and enjoyment Prpixel. But dont forget that is just an opinion. As Bigtee was not able to warm up to the 8008 it might surprise you to learn that the founder of aragon still chooses his 4004mk II in his 2 channel system over the 8008. So opinions do vary.
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